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  1. Thanks Fraser. Also just wanted to thank you and Alex you all your help over the last week and a bit. You guys are awesome 😉
  2. Thanks Fraser Should i add this forum link to to the mail?
  3. Unfortunately not, can I arrange to send it over to you guys to check it out?
  4. Hey Fraser Sadly still the same result after the DHCP reset. 😭
  5. Hi Alex Sorry not sure what you mean? After upgrading the R1 it still isnt working as it should when connecting it to my BT Hub 5 ISP provided router. The R1 doesnt give me a 192.168.88 address but instead a 192.168.1 range address the same range my BT Hub 5 is on. I am going to try the DHCP suggestion Fraser sent when I get home after work.
  6. Hey Fraser When the R1 only has the power connected to it and holding down the factory reset button its not reset even holding the button down for over a minute, normally it would just reset after holding it down for 30+ seconds.
  7. Hi Guys Is there anything else we can try?
  8. Hey Fraser, the upgrade was a success, but sadly still get the same result
  9. Thank you, will give it a go tomorrow after work.
  10. Do you have the link for the latest firmware version for the R1?
  11. Thats the default gateway on the BT hub5, after making the change to 1.1 it still does the same thing. the DHCP pool is 64 to 253 by default
  12. Every time I factory reset either on the R1 or on the interface it’s just reverts the R1 into a hub with a LAN IP. Once I get back on the interface I will send a screenshot.
  13. Would it be possible to send it in to get flashed? Something still seems to be keeping it from functioning correctly? After rebooting the R1 it just gets a LAN IP.
  14. I’ve added the static WAN settings. It’s says it’s detected my ISPs (hub5)router opposed to a modem. I am still not able to connect to the WAN though, even though the WAN IP is configured. No I game on console and was able to input my VPN details directly onto R1 without having to use openvpn and no IP which I have to do on the xr500. If I eventually get this sorted I will rethink the xr500 but right now I really want to get my R1 working again as I feel a part of my life is broken at the moment
  15. So the R1 is connected to a BT hub5. Yes it’s was getting a DHCP address from the hub5 and was getting me out on the WAN. On the 192.168.1 network. I’ve have managed to get back to the interface after another hard reset. But on device manager there is no WAN IP. As to why I’m returning the xr500 is because other than using it for gaming my VPN works without having to use openvpn on the R1.
  16. After rebooting my ISP modem and restarting the R1 it’s goes back to getting an IP address.
  17. Hi Alex I have managed to get into the R1. I have checked in device manager and the is no WAN IP.
  18. Hi Alex I am not to bothered about the xr500 to be honest, its been reset, disconnected and repackaged to be returned. My main concern is my R1, I just want to be able to connect it to my ISP modem again directly on and get it back to its settings before all this happened. Kind Regards
  19. I'm at work at the moment, so will check and update you as soon as I get home.
  20. Hi Alex Thanks for the quick reply, as mentioned they have both already been reset so to factor setting and they should both have there own subnets again. After the rest on the xr500 could connect to it again on the IP. The issue now is that after resetting the R1 I'm still not able to connect to it on and its only picking up my ISP's IP range in the range. Kind Regards
  21. Yesterday I bought a brand new nighthawk xr500 and was super excited. I have had a R1 right from the beginning. The idea was to upgrade my R1 to a new xr500. I started by completely removing my R1 from the network so I could use it as a spare later down the line if needed. I began to setup the xr500 on its own, but there was some issues with the setup. I reset the xr500 and on the second go it completed the setup, but there seemed to still be some connections issues. Unhappy with the results of the xr500, I decided to try use it as a AP instead, so I connected it up like this: The setup now looked like this: ISP modem + R1(Router) + xr500(AP) The R1 was on the original and I put the xr500 on same network, tested both and they worked. I could ping both routers but was getting 2 of the same wifi SSID's in my wireless list which i didn't want. So I when onto the xr500 and put it into AP mode. What this ended up doing is turning both my R1 and the xr500 into APs for my ISP modem. This seemed odd so I disconnected both routers. I then reconnected the xr500 and reset it back to factory settings to start again which seemed to work. I was able to get back into DumaOS without any issues. I then disconnect the xr500 and reconnect the R1 to do the same. I hit the rest button on the back of the R1 and waited for the full reboot but it still just obtained the IPS's IP range. So now I cant get back onto my R1 its seems to have got stuck in this state. I have checked the forums and found this post and followed the directions from the admins https://forum.netduma.com/topic/28580-bricked-router/#comments I disconnected both R1 and xr500 from my network for about 12 hours now. Please can someone help me? My R1 is far more important to me than the new xr500 and I would really appropriate the help.
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