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  1. The page loads fine under Edge, but has gone blank again in Chrome. Clearing the browser cache didn't change anything though. Interestingly, everything works fine with your URL ( in Chrome, but doesn't work with the URL routerlogin.com. Easy workaround on my end, but odd behaviour.
  2. Apologies for the multipost, couldn't edit the quote into the earlier one. That seemed to work. And I can go to Settings from the menu as normal. Will I need to manually use that link every restart of the router, or is something now fixed? Thanks, I'd been tearing my hair out!
  3. Hi there. Just bought and installed an XR500. All network devices are appearing, and WAN was properly set up. However, when I go to Settings I get... nothing. Just a blank red screen. All other menu items work fine, just Settings. Interestingly, if I look at the R-Apps in System Information I have a play icon next to the Settings R-App, suggesting to me that it may not be running, unfortunately clicking on anything in the R-Apps window does nothing. I also can't see anything in the logs that may indicate an error starting the app. Updated to the current firmware, no change. Rebooting, no change. Haven't done a factory reset yet, since I can't access settings to do so. Help?
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