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  1. So I’m trying this and as soon as I go to have the wizard do the set up the orange internet light goes out and it still says no Ethernet found but I connected both ends to the other ports and they both lit up. Any other ideas...
  2. Cool I’ll try that tonight. Sounds like the tech game me wrong Info and I did more damage than good when configuring. Should have just swapped and reset from the sound of it. Thanks for the help
  3. Well that does lead to a new question. The tech told me it would be PPPoE and game me credentials but when I called about my issues they told me it was IPoE. How do I set that up with DUMA?
  4. I was told by the technician that there is a modem installed to the house with a OTB in the basement and all I needed to do was run Ethernet from that box to my router and I was all set. It’s different from my current set up where yes I have a modem next to my router. Plug the modem into the router and we are good. But I was told the device on the outside of my house was the acting modem that ran into a OTB in my basement which I have an Ethernet running from to my WAN port.
  5. No I’ve disconnected a removed the spectrum modem since I’ll be canceling that service once I get the CenturyLink properly set up. I did call and talk to someone and they told me I actually have IPoE and that I don’t have to set it up as PPPoE so I’m hoping that was my issues. Will work on it more after I’m off work today.
  6. I just switched from spectrum cable to CenturyLink fiber and I am having to change settings for the PPPoE. I have tried most of what I could find in other forums and online but when I enter the set up wizard it says there is no ethernet plugged in. It’s a brand new cord so I don’t think it’s that but I will try tomorrow. Is there any other know issues I should be considering?
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