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  1. Q1:-Does it have a matchmaking system or use a server browser? A1:-a server browser Q2:-You want it to create a server though and then just force local players? A2 :-YES i have The server File on my own pc and i can run and host my own server and then it will appear for everyone in the world in server browser Q3:-I assume you'd create the server on a PC in your home? A3:-YES
  2. hey MihaiL1804 if you mean Blocking Specific Ips Then You're Thinking Like me and I suggested this idea
  3. We need Geo Filter For this game so we can open our local host server and get low ping player 😀
  4. im not sure if this option is already there or not but its basically a Geo filter with country pick 1-Pick what country are allowed and what is Deny -Deny (Blocks All Connection between the IP of blocked country to Your IP) -Allow (Allow All Connection between the IP of Allowed country to Your IP) watch the video down here i hope u like it
  5. i wish DumaOS Has This Option video 1 im getting UDB Attack Because the Attacker can see my Public IP + My opened port On Router thru a game server list https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RA6Z_9EBoA Video 2 is some firewall i saw and i wish DumaOs Have it so we can Block Ips Or port That been used by DDosers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXxhHS3d2dI the DDoser Using Port 1900 to DDos me so i wish DumaOs Has option Called Block The IP If he uses Specific Port Or Block Specific Ip What ever Port He use or just Make Extra option for The Geo Filter To Block All The Connection From Outside The Range To My Public Ip For everything not just for games Because i just want to host a game server for my small Town and i dont wanna get ddosed By other country Ip/s That's what im talking about boys
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