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  1. Hi, In few months I will be moving to the new apartment, with new internet connection. That's one of the reasons why I am going to buy a router with NetdumaOS, but I don't know which one at the moment. I thought about XR500, but then I watched a YT clip about setting bufferbloat on this router - the guy must have changed max speed on his modem to 100/100 because his XR500 couldn't handle 500/200 speed with Anti-Bufferbloat switched on (window said "Congestion Control Disabled!" as shown in attached img). I'm planning to have 300/20 or 500/30 or 1000/40 internet speed, but I don't know if XR500 will handle it without turning off QoS, Geofilter, AB, etc. What are the limitations of Nighthawk routers in terms of speed? Should I buy XR500 or XR700 considering my needs? And if there's a need to reduce max speed - can I do it just for my PS4 or for all devices in the network? I will be connecting new router to ISP's router in bridge mode. Thanks for help
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