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  1. Hey guys, Just an update to let you know that the disconnections are still occuring. It has just happened again randomly at 17:20 and it appears to have only affected Apple devices as I was still connected to the net on my windows device.
  2. So instead of adding games, add the console like I have
  3. I had this issue and simply adding console games when adding a device seemed to resolve the issue. There was no need for me to change my PC from a computer to xbox/ps4 when having done this.
  4. Quick update on that traffic prioritization. I found that if I add my device, in this case my PC under Traffic Prioritization and select games console it will enable when I play fifa so, I dont actually need to change my PC to Xbox/PS4 under device management. I thought with manually inputting FIFA19's ports that it would effectively see this as Traffic it needed to prioritise but apparently not.
  5. We all are! Thanks to all who have taken the time to assist me where they could. Mucho appreciado Fifa 19 mate.
  6. So far so good. We are into day number 3 and no one is reporting any disconnects. Something I've noticed which is separate from all this is Traffic prioritization does not appear to work if my PC is listed as computer but, soon as I select Xbox or PS4 the red light appears but, it stays on until I change the type of device it is. This didnt happen before I think. Will it have something to do with me going back to an early firmware version? Or am I making this all up and it only works for console?
  7. Yeah mate, I have tried all of the suggestions I have found on these netgear forums. Unfortunately it still happened with static ips but, its only Apple devices that are affected by the DHCP lease changes in the evening. There just must be a conflict within this firmware and Apple, thats the answer I have because otherwise, why does my PC not suffer the same fate? WIFI was split from the get go. Id rather we have the option to dictate what band we are on. I bought this router new from an ebay user. It was still all wrapped up but the user had it in storage so no longer has a receipt.
  8. Ok, I will try these and see how we get on. I will try the downgrade on the firmware to V2.3.2.22 as mentioned on the other forum
  9. The devices in the house consist of; Windows PC(Unaffected), Imac(affected), Macbook Air(affected), Iphone 6+,7,8(affected),LGTV smart (unsure if affected) Both 2.4 and 5 are affected by this issue.
  10. Well, people have been reporting this issue, albeit perhaps not specific to apple devices since last August. So this has been an issue for quite some time now. I really hoped that static ips and the google dns would have been enough to fix this issue but as seen in my log, it is not. Nope, Im using the SSID that of the xr500 with 2ghz and 5ghz having their own name. My old router is a modem/router combo provided by Virgin Media, so the option of plugging that back in would mean removing the xr500 and taking the superhub out of modem mode by using the hard reset button and setting everything back up. Since this issue I have factory reset the router 3 times and updated the firmware twice( latest and hotfix)
  11. SImply moving the problem to a different time isn't actually fixing the issue though Alex. What you are proposing is that I still up late to simply hit a renew lease button in order to avoid this issue, because otherwise im stuck with this issue but at a different time. There is obviously an issue be it firmware or hardware and given that this is a brand new router Ive bought, I would ideally like to have the problem fixed.Having seen in forums that this has been a long term issue, is there going to be a fix ?
  12. The dns change has not fixed the issue ,which has again repeated itself in the late evening once more. It seems to be around the same time every time. Here is the log from around the time this issue seems to occur log.txt
  13. Hi, yeah I am already over that after I saw a post else where whilst searching this issue. So far the router has made it 1 day but, the next day or so will truly tell me if this is resolved. I have also setup static ips for all devices so fingers crossed.
  14. I believe it happens on both and most Apple devices are currently on 5ghz. Definitely not a range issue as it happens one room away and majority of the day everything is connected. Like I mentioned before it is happening late evening. We did experience a range issue for the garden but a quick adjustment of the router position and everything worked as should. Smart connect is already off as I don’t like that feature. i find it strange that it would bring up a issue in the log about the dns server and it being a source of a ddos attack. Would it not be reasonable to suggest that this could be the issue ?
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