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  1. Everything seems to be working fine. Thank you both for the help.
  2. the URL worked and I was able to set up and get my router running again. Going to see if my other devices are able to connect properly.
  3. After doing the firmware reset I now get internet with the router connected to the modem but, I can no longer access the router login "getting an error 404" and my password on the back of my router to login to the wifi is not being accepted
  4. I did A factory reset on the modem and rebooted the router while connected and still nothing.
  5. I tried both methods neither worked. On the reboot from interface the internet went out and then back to error on windows.
  6. I'm not seeing a wan IP address in system information. I'm getting a consistent kill flow due to timeout error though.
  7. I gotta double check the system information page, but nothing was changed with my setup or settings.
  8. This is what the layout looks like in my device manager. The only tab I can click on is my desktop.
  9. I'm sorry for the delay had A very busy day yesterday. So DHCP is enabled and the IP address is set correctly in the LAN settings. Also, the IP address doesn't change whether I have the modem+router both connected or just with the router.
  10. Feb 18th but didn't get it until begining of march
  11. no, I have never had access to the modems UI. im using the latest dumaos firmware and my computers ipv4 address is I currently don't have it connected since I can't get any internet connection with it connected to my modem
  12. I never changed the modem settings. if you're talking about A tech coming out and installing the hardware then no. if you are talking about settings being altered by A tech than also no
  13. It was working fine for around A month of use and then it just stopped working. I spoke to them and they said the issue was the router not working hence why Im trying to figure it out on here.
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