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  1. Done and done.. again thank you so much for all your help and brainstorming the past week (wow I am sorry it dragged on that long).
  2. It would be really great if you guys could implement Port FOrwarding while using Hybrid VPN. I know not all providers offer this but for the ones that do it would allow for full functionality (the reason I picked the provider I did was for Port Forwarding). Maybe have it as a section within the Hybrid VPN or some how incorporate it in the PortForwarding section already for a tick box (allow over VPN or only allow when using VPN selector). Just a thought since it's impossible to utilize this feature from the VPN provider and use the existing hardware/hybrid vpn For reference this is what I am looking to achieve https://airvpn.org/forums/topic/9270-how-to-forward-ports-in-dd-wrt-tomato-with-iptables/
  3. Wow ok, so two larger downloads and not a single error in the logs.. boy do I feel silly now... Is there currently anyway to do port forwarding over VPN (assuming the provider supports it), if not currently is there a way to submit feature requests anywhere?
  4. Well I may have found something, running some tests now.. But there were two settings for uTP in the software.. the one I knew about was off.. the second one was still on.. I have turned it off and running a download now.. so far no logs. perhaps it's still too early to know for sure.. but it might be good
  5. Also for what it's worth I tried AirVPN, NordVPN, and PureVPN (both with the OpenVPN config and the routers built in method) and all got the same result/logs.
  6. the modem is in complete bypass mode (modem device only not a modem/router combo) and customer owned. In the router I have Anti-Bufferbloat on when high priority traffic is detected (but testing last night showed it did not flag as such). I have port forwarding on the router setup but on services/ports/devices that this machine is not using
  7. Ok the OpenVPN software is flooded with those very same entries.
  8. The error has happened with three different providers. I can run the test with the stand alone OpenVPN software as a test too to see if the logs flood.. stand by. I do think it may just be the logs that is getting full causing the crash but unsure. Stand by let me test outside the router.
  9. It did not disconnect but the logs were still getting flooded with entries. I did end up stopping the download once I made note of the logs and priority traffic in the router. Smaller files and pockets of moderate uploading doesn’t not appear to affect the connection or router much. So far any drop outs have been a result of larger downloads
  10. Just ran a test. Kicked off a download and no high priority traffic was detected.
  11. I will check a little later thought. I want to say it was not but it was only a glancing look at that page earlier. I'll be sure to make note
  12. Just double checked. It's not active.
  13. It was through a torrent client, I have rebooted the router and the connection came right back.
  14. Yeah I figured that as the data flow increased the log size got out of control causing the lockups.. the errors were still showing up in the logs just less since there was less over all data. I am happy to test anything you guys may need on the system
  15. Granted the total data flow was lower than when it disconnected and went unresponsive by about 10Gigs.
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