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  1. good feedback for me finding the names thank you for that...on my blink module, i have an old model and gave the option to plug direct to the router...that was the problem, i unplugged and used the wireless option and it worked...i know WEIRD but it works now...
  2. the Blink camera sync module is not named i have 7 un-named devices and cant figure what one is the blink cameras, im on the Blink boards asking the same questions...ugggg
  3. Just installed new netgear xr500 router and now can not connect my Blink Home Security cameras. I just got this reply from BlinkHello Ben, Thanks for reaching out to Blink and thanks for providing your sync module serial number. I was able to pull your account and it appears that while the sync module is able to see and connect to your wifi, it is unable to reach out of the network. This can can sometimes happen due to an aggressive firewall or parental controls setting on the router. I would suggest taking a look at these settings first.
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