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  1. It started working again and is now working fine I have tried to use the reset button in front of the router but it didn't work so there was no way to reset the router till it could Come back on and I could get into the router and then do a reset on the router I didn't reset it tho Just left it alone and let it try to sort it self out I think the router itself can sort it self out
  2. hello everyone i need help with my netduma can someone help me out i recently got my netduma and i have been messing around with it and one night i was playing b04 i ended up leaving a game i then turned off the gio filter and i forgot that i turned it off so i went to search for a game and all of sudden the gio filter would not block host outside of the gio filter circle it just showed red circles which are host then i decided to enable the gio filter and disable the gio filter and then i rebooted the netduma after that no internet connection coming from the netduma did i mess up the netduma or the gio filter i also tried to use dns and and and on my xbox one for dns would have that messed up the gio filter or the netduma r1
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