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  1. Wow that’s a great line! mine is just about to come to an end with virgin. Can you recommend a good provider. Everything I am reading points to sky or Plusnet, who are, incidentally, my previous two suppliers!!
  2. The apex situation is annoying because I have a 25 ping to the London server but it rarely puts me on that server I usually get put on the Frankfurt one (by the looks of the map on the geo filter) and the ping to that hovers between 40-60. If I set the geo filter to 500 it sometimes connects me to the London server but more often than not kicks me out and I can’t log back into the EA servers. I’ve turned the geo filter off now. the spikes do seem to come mainly through peak times tbh but then I don’t get much of a chance to properly measure other times as I don’t really play them out of peak times! ive attached my think broadband test that was taken prior to the router. All the spikes bar the one at 4am we’re when I was gaming.
  3. Thanks for the info. I’m looking to move away. I did a think broadband test on my line prior to buying the router but being honest that went red after adding the router and since putting my SH3 into modem mode I’m not entirely sure how to set the test up to measure directly from the router
  4. Thanks Alex I have done all of that but not much better. The geo filter is where I was watching my ping go up and down whilst playing rocket league. to be honest I’m thinking of disabling the geo filter when I play apex legends as I just get kicked out all the time and can not reconnect to the EA severs. The players I party up with get pit through to the game so I have to keep closing the game and re starting. It’s been a bit frustrating really. I had hoped this router would solve a lot of issues for me
  5. Hi alex yes I am happy that it is all set up correctly and the speeds are reflective of the tests that I carried out prior to connecting any devices (other than laptop to run the tests) the only other thing I’m thinking of is port forwarding but this is going beyond the realms of my understanding!! I’m not sure if it would help anyway!
  6. Hi all ive recently purchased an XR500 as I was getting some large lag spikes with my virgin broadband. I’ve been playing apex legends and rocket league a lot and was getting a ping of around 25 to the London server on apex (I’m UK based) i was hoping that the XR500 would improve the ping however it has become slightly worse since installing! My friend who are part with gets a 13 ping and I was hoping I would get to sub 20. whilsy I’ve set up QoS (70/70) and favoured my PS4 heavily on bandwidth allocation and also setting up the geo filter for 1200 I am still seeing lags. The lag is still unstable I was getting between 35-65 playing rocket league earlier but I don’t know what else I can do to improve. Does anybody have any suggestions? I’m thinking of returning the router as £250 is a lot of money for zero improvement. i do play via Ethernet by the way
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