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  1. I started having issues this morning with my devices going offline and some showing multiple IP's within the Routers software. I thought this was because before I started seeing this I tried to setup a USB drive to get the Plex server on the router setup. However, I did a full factory reset, twice, and upgraded the firmware, and did a third factory reset which with the third reset I changed the SSID and Password and went and connected every one of my devices, which are a lot and took hours, to have it only work for about 30 minutes before most of the wifi devices started to lose connection again. So now I am back to square 1. Please help asap. This is a $450 investment that I made because I thought it was worth it and this is now the third issue, this being the worse, that I am having with this device since I bought it May 7 2019.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I not sure why this caused it but when I hooked my PC up to a "wired" connection everything loaded. It just would not load for me on wifi. It is all working now.
  3. I got a bunch of R-App's that will not load on my interface for my XR700 router. The HybridVPN, the GeoFilter, Network Monitor, and Device Manager all will not load. I have tried and tried for multiple hours and multiple days to get this to work but still not loading. Can you tell me how to fix this?
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