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  1. so every no and then if your connected via WIFI to the x700 ur always connected.. however all the switches, computers, AP thats connected via ETHERNET PORT stops working. the XR700 doesnt give out an IP and i have to reboot the XR700. is there a setting to fix this? ive already done factory reset and it still happens.
  2. Hi so randomly every couple days or sometimes as long as 2 weeks but it still happens. Id lost connection to the access point which is connected to the xr700 via ethernet. So i go to reset the accesspoint. But then id check other devices that is connected via ethernet to the xr700 and those too dont have internet access. Then id connect to the xr700 via wifi and i had internet. Only the lan ports lose internet. Is there a way to fix this? Why would LAN lose internet but wifi doesnt? thank you
  3. one question.. when setting up the AP is it better to give the AP a static ip outside of the ips the xr700 hands out or just let the xr700 give the AP an IP address?
  4. well i did a factore reset on the router. so far everything is looking good. this time i used a different SSID and no devices connecting wirelessly to the xr700 just to the AP and the 2 xbox's wired to the xr700. qos is working again as well
  5. well it didnt last long.. within 20 minutes it went back offline but the archer a20 shows connected to LAN
  6. new tplink AC4000 came in today (A20) set it up out the box to ACCESS POINT. changed SSID and password to same as the XR700 changed the ip to static outside, router plus devices wirelessly connected to AP now shows on network map.. .. will see if its stable. i will update after a day or 2 to see if it remains.. thank you
  7. this is the same issue im having now. and as much as i use the device it does not show online
  8. this is exactly what happens to mine.. but only when connected to the AP wirelessly.. actually i havent tried to connect anything via ehternet to the AP but to a switch thats connected to the XR it shows online
  9. No. My brothers xbox is. Wireless shows offline his wired connection shows online. All my devices i forgot network before plugging in ethernet. And my tplink is older so the only way to make it an ap is by disabling dhcp and connecting LAN. I did order a 2019 tplink a20 should have ap mode on that one. I will get it tomorrow and see if it works. Also ive noticed recently. Auto ping shows. Then keeps disappearing but i can see the players in my game on the map but the infomation on autoping. Like ping time etc is blank.
  10. Just once. But if i were to connect my xbox wireless it will show 2 devices. For each mac. Wired and wireless. If i forget network on my xbox it will eventually show 1 device. If i just plug in ethernet without forgetting wireless. It will keep 2 devices. Wired online. Wireless offline with the xbox wireless static ip address
  11. The only devices ive added to geo filter are the 2 xbox’s. All other devices are left alone Both xboxes is hard wired directly to xr500 one via unmanaged switch. The other wired directly to it and always show online under LAN
  12. I will check when i get home. Its weird because my dads laptop showed connected to “LAN” when he was connected to the AP but all other devices show offline. And the AP is a tp link ac1750 with dhcp disabled running in AP mode. If it is giving a different mac whats a fix for it? I will update the status when im home
  13. also an issue that ive been getting is "network overview" keeps freezing.
  14. fw is XR700 V1.0.1.10 also im still connected wireless, but when im connected wirelessly to the AP it shows offline, when im plugged in hard wired to the AP or switch it shows im online. only wireless to AP it shows devices offline. if i connect again wireless directly to xr700 it goes back online. and yes wired and wireless shows 2 different mac. but my issue is just connecting wireless to AP. and its done this with 3 different ap's
  15. you just saved me a couple paragraphs.. this is exactly what i noticed.. i took out the AP and noticed everything works fine.. once i hook up the AP and anything that is plugged into the ap via wired or wireless does not show up.. for some reason my xbox does. but not my laptop or iphone. via ap .. really hoping this can be fixed soon
  16. my antibloating settings is not working.. it works when i reboot the router, then stops working out of nowhere.. i disable qos then enable, i try lowing the settings, etc and it wont work again until i reboot the router but i cant always reboot as i have other family members whos always connected and will complain if i always reboot while they are watching netflix etc. i also have devices that go offline even they are online and being used when i have an AP connected to the network . it has the same SSID as the xr500 so devices can switch with ease but its causing issues with showing devices offline anytime im connected to the AP.
  17. Thank you. I was actually able to release and rebooted and all ips dropped. Gotta see how to set static ip within netduma as ive been setting them on each device itself instead of within netduma.
  18. I just got the router. Updated it. And checked this morning and it has the latest fw. I am not dropping out. The router is providing 2 ip address to the same device. Causing geofilter on that device to not work and not being able to delete the device as it says its still online even if u unplug the device entirely from the network (it still sees the first ip it gave to the device that the device was no longer on). Only way i was able to fix it was to disconnect from network. Unplug the ap. Reboot the xr500. Power on the ac point and it would be fine. Any device that i did not unplug during rebooting still showed 2 ip. And to be clear its not the same as when it shows 2 devices wired/wireless. But actually giving 2 ip address ( later if the device gets a new ip address dumaos still keeps the last one associated with the deviced and shows it under the current ip given to the device i included a screenshot of the fw
  19. so i have my xr500 connected directly to my CM600 modem, from there i have it wired to an AP in the top floor. my problem is devices dont go off grid when not online. they stay on the map and for some reason when they come back online would sometimes get a new ip but the old ip would also show under it. i forget network on the device then go into netduma to delete the device but it keeps saying it cant because its still online. theres 37 devices connected and many of them is the same device just with different Ips. why doesnt netduma know this and keep the devices in the network with older ips? its causing issues being able to change settings for the devices that its doing this to. only way to fix it lastnight with my xbox was to go offline, then reboot the Router and the AP and then i was able to delete it and make a new connection.. also geo filtering did not work when my xbox showed 2 ip addresses. love the router and features but netduma has some flaws that need fixing. any help on this would be appreciated Ive included an image of one device.. my ipad air that shows its offline but with 2 ip addresses, usually if its offline it wont show an ip address.. my ipad is online and being used but for some reason shows it off line.
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