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  1. Okay thanks. I'll do that tonight. They're coming out tomorrow so we will see if they can find a fault the 4th time 😂 Morty
  2. Thanks for the reply.. I've tried Twitter.com and the test was done on a laptop with a Ethernet cable. I haven't tried swapping them for the test but I swapped them on my PS4 Sunday and still had the same issue yeah gaming is impossible.. Virgin have sent 3 engineers now. The first said utilisation issue which was closed on 10/04. The second changed the hub. The third changed a connector on the line from the wall to the hub and tweeked the settings. The ping was lowe after this but the spikes were still there. My mate lives next door he's on the same supplier as me and he has the exact same issue. i guess I'll have to get them back out and see what they say. Tbh I don't think they have a clue though. thanks Morty
  3. Virgin Media Hub 3 Vivid 350 package Had engineers out 3 times and the hub changed once. nothing has changed so i bought a Nighthawk XR500 router which led me to this forum. The problem isn't with the XR500 i think its the hub 3 as this was the issue before. Does anyone know of a fix for this or can they see any obvious issues from this data? Cheers Morty.
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