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  1. Okay, I'll try that and phone them now, because the feature is definitely hidden when I log onto the interface. Thank you.
  2. Okay, so I’ve tried everything you guys suggested and it just doesn’t want to sort the NAT issue out. It’s a shame because I bought the router for gaming and now I can’t use it. Any other suggestion or way you guys can help my out would be appreciated.
  3. I'll try my best. I have the fibre line obviously connected to the Calix and my XR connected to the WAN port. Nothing else to the Calix and the WiFi is turned off. On the XR I have numerous devices hard wired and over WiFi. I've reserved the IP for my PS and entered the correct IP in DMZ. The IP matches with the IP on my PS. I've read some issues with NAT might occur when 2 routers are connected, and a "double NAT" issue occurs? The IP range of the Calix starts with "192.168.1..." and the XR, "10.0.0..." I see the IPV4 address of my gateway starts with "165.16.168..." Could this have an effect or should the settings you suggested sort it out? Thanks again for trying to help me out.
  4. Yes, I used the IP on the Calix that showed as my XR500 and entered that in the DMZ of the Calix? I also did everything else as you said (I think correctly), but I still get NAT3. I don't know what's wrong... but it sucks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. 1. It's a Calix 814G 2. No, it does not. 3. Yes, it does. I did enter my XR into the DMZ. 4. I did, but it made no difference.
  6. Help, please. I just can't seem to get Nat Type 2 on my PS4. I have a router (ISP supplied) that I have to connect to my XR500. When I plug my cable directly into the ISP router, I manage to get a Nat2, but as soon as I plug my PS4 into my XR500, it goes to Nat3. No matter what I try I just can't fix it, and I've tried everything in the "Optimal settings guide: Open Nat". Any suggestions, please. Keep in mind I've got limited knowledge. Thanks in advance. - Dan
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