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  1. I just wanted to tell you all that I bought the XR500. The reason why I decided to buy the XR500 instead of the XR300 was that they reduced the price to the EXACT same price as the XR300 during Easter. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions and helped me decide what to buy!
  2. Thanks BIG__DOG! I will go and buy the XR300 because I can buy it at the store right now and I will also get it cheaper due to no shipping cost and taxes.
  3. Why is not the XR300 and the R1 in the same league? Is the XR300 the "new" R1 and all focus will be based on the XR-series? I don't want to buy the R1 if the focus will be on the XR-series. I think the cost will be almost the same for me comparing the XR300 and the R1 so if XR300 is the future than I will buy that one.
  4. Hi, I am playing a lot on my PS4 and I recently heard about Duma OS and the Geo-filter. I already have an ASUS RT-AC88u so I don’t need a new router. But to be able to use the power of Duma OS I thought that Netduma R1 would be a good alternative. Now, reading the forum the XR300 is the new alternative instead of the R1 if I understand it correctly. I understand that the XR500 is a good router, but I only want access to the Duma OS and the Geo-filter. I am going to connect it as follows: Ethernet > Asus Router > XR300 I have a 500/50 Mbit/s connection, so I don’t need to think about the Bandwidth Allocation. If it will become a problem I can connect the XR300 directly to the Ethernet and after that my Asus. But for now, I am only interested in connecting it directly to my PS4. What is the best alternative for me? Should I buy XR300 or is Netduma R1 a better option? Will the Geo-filter work better on the XR500 or will it be the same? Is there any other alternative that I am not thinking about?
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