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  1. I see. Test was wired. Nothing else was using bandwidth. So we can actually claim that the connection and the jitter is causing problems here? I will test the 3 place where I game from time to time and will post results. Thank you very much for your effort and time here!!!
  2. Give it a go as soon as I have time. Thats the other result from the "other" home. Not as stable but still good I think. (was not playing at the time, just started PP by itself) Will test it at the 3 location as well. Thank you very much in advance for the tips
  3. This is PP when CC 70% 70% and 1.08 up and 1.08 down Bandwith Allocation and while playing COD
  4. Thank you very much! Will give it a go as soon as I have time. When I play the only thing connected to the duma is the PS4 no other traffic! Splendid service here with you guys 🙌
  5. I think I made a mistake. You just need to reload the complete setting to see the change. Pardon me here. From time to time the Gameplay is really good but then suddenly it drops back to Sh..ty as fu..
  6. Another thing. I'm playing around with the Bandwidth allocation for the PS4 but its not saving the setting for up and download separately. If I choose a value its just taking the same numbers for up AND download. Any idea?
  7. Did reset the router. Now I enjoy it even better. Im changing the main modem from now and then (travelling countries) without resetting the duma perhaps that may impact the connection. Ill play around a bit and post again. Anyhow thanks for your effort!!!!
  8. Had time to play around. No matter what i change, there is no improvement. It worked better under the fritzbox 6490 cable now its connected to a 7490 (dsl). What does the profile COD change? I still have the typical get shot around the corner moment. Anything i can do?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I tried different pings 15-50 results always been the same. Tested ping is around 8-12ms
  10. tried to play some games. No Chance at all to catch a good game. I tried limiting Bandwidth, setting a stricter Ping (10ms) I tend to get in games where the typical around the corner move appears. What can I do to improve? Best
  11. I set the Ping in the Geofilter to 15ms. Will post a picture tonight. Thank you very much for your response.
  12. Thanks for you reply. Yes I use Nevertheless some games feel extremly laggy. And ill always get killed around the corner. Hit detection is so and so Anything I should change ? Thanks
  13. Hello everyone, Have a few questions and hope to find professional help here for Modern Warfare Remastered. My approach. 1. Speed test (speedtest.net) 3-4 times up and download test, then I enter the average value in the settings (100mbit down 10up are measured directly at the Fritzbox, the Duma behind it creates only 25 down 5 up) is here already a mistake? In the Fritzbox settings the Netduma is prioritized 2. CC I give the PS4 90% PC 10% nothing else is in the network. 3. QOS I reduce Bandwith in the Ps4 to 5mbit download and 0.5 upload to not be host (makes so supposedly sense in the COD titles) 4. Geofilter 700km (set to Bavaria) and Ping set to 10ms 5. Ports all enabled NAT Type open But it does not work properly, it feels like it has a significant lag and bad hit detection loses every 2 bouts. Ask: 1. Do I have to reset the Duma each time I change the data? 2. How do I see which server I am connected to? 3. Can I save settings? I'm happy about help
  14. Hallo an alle, Habe ein paar Fragen und hoffe bei euch Profis auf Hilfe zu stoßen. Geht um MW Remastered. Mein Vorgehen. 1. Speed testen (spendetest) 3-4 mal Up und Download testen, dann in den Settings eingeben (100mbit down 10up sind es direkt an der Fritzbox gemessen, der Duma dahinter schafft nur 25 down 5 up) liegt hier schon ein Fehler? In den Fritzbox Einstellungen ist der Netduma Priorisiert 2. CC Gebe ich der PS4 90% PC 10% es hängt sonst nichts am Duma und auch nicht anderes im Netzwerk. 3. QOS Reduziere ich Bandwith bei der Ps4 auf 5mbit download und 0,5 upload um nicht Host zu sein (macht ja angeblich Sinn bei den COD Titeln) 4. Geofilter 700km (auf Bayern gesetzt) und Ping auf 10ms gesetzt 5. Ports alle freigegeben NAT Type offen Doch so richtig funktionieren tut es nicht, habe das Gefühl einen erheblichen Lag zu haben und schlechte Hit Detection verliere jeden 2 Kampf. Fragen: 1.Muss ich beim verändern der Daten den Duma jedes mal neu resetten? 2. Wie sehe ich mit welchem Server ich verbunden bin? 3. Kann man Settings speichern? Freue mich über Hilfe
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