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  1. Where is the solution? I've suffering for full 1 week on this page and no one fix my problem, also I spoke to support, they told me what people told here as well they said that I need to reset my netduma, I already said before that my netduma router is not able to access the interface page ,I've tried everything like using different browsers, different devices, and different PC's it doesn't work as well ,I've tried to hard reset for 30 sec,30,30 and not worked ,it seems like the issues from the software of the itself, please help ?
  2. They didn't help ,I sent them all my informations and what happened to my netduma, they just replied to me, to reset the router 😑,I told everything, what a big disappointed, any tips ? Please I'm too mad,because it's a simple problem and netduma company can't even handle my case wow ?
  3. I have tried to unplug my netduma for 24 hours and turn it on again but its still same case because it won't me access the interface of my router, I've tried to reset my netduma but it doesn't work as well, I found out that when I reset it its still the same wifi (passkey) never changed when reset it ,I don't know why exactly why this happening to me ,and every time I try to access my netduma interface it keeps ask me for user and password, by the way I've tried to enter the manual username and password but it doesn't work, and I've tried to access the interface without a CABLE of NETWORK but it doesn't work as well,please help me because I'm still suffering,basically my netduma does not allow me to reset it, because every time I reset it ,it comes back on same ,nothing change, please can anyone tell me if there is another reset or even at least can fix my problem, because totally disappointed 😑
  4. Yes ,I'm the same guy who contact you for both Facebook and here 😂,because I wanna solve my problem as fast as possible 😹
  5. Firstly, I didn't do anything wrong just it happens to me suddenly, secondly I did as you said I deleted all my browsers data catcha and cookies nothing change still same case same situation, thirdly I followed your instructions step by step, I just unplugged my netduma and turn it off for 24 hours and let's see what will happen tomorrow?any more help I will absolutely appreciate your efforts for being very nice.
  6. Hello again, thank you for replying, by the way I have tried all phones browsers and PC's, but it doesn't work for me as well ,and I reset my netduma from the back a couple of times and it doesn't work also ,this happened to me suddenly, and I'm trying to figure out what's going on in my netduma, but I failed, please help me ,note,I'm running DUMAOS. I'm gonna be crazy in a bit,like why it won't lemme loggin ,everytime I'm tryna to login it says (missing json response) no matter what I did it just stop me to access the router interface, like totally confused, dunno what to do exactly? Please HELLLLLLLLLLP.
  7. Hello, please help, I can't access my netduma interface this is happened for two weeks for some reasons, and I don't know why, I've tried to reset factory twice not even once and it doesn't work for me i know its kinda weird because this is happening to for the first time and i dunno how to fix it ,please help anyone?
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