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  1. Thanks alot you are correct, now its fine but still having same issue with fifa seems to be EA wont fix thier game
  2. There is server there and its showing as peer Im trying to avoid other servers. Around 13 been allowed in my area, also blocked others out. Its working fine but facing disconnects within one hour. Im able to connect to this server (in dubai) trying to avoid others
  3. Even tried to set ping assist to 10, still same issue.
  4. Hi Im living in Dubai , and trying to avoid another fifa servers nearby like bahrain servers . I was able to connect to dubai servers at game lunch and even while searching players but after a while i got disconnected 😃 Any suggestions
  5. Dears We in Dubai are having issues where FIFA21 Servers showing as peer players not servers , please find servers IDs which i observed so far 2bb906d156caaeb3,2bb923ee56caaeb3,2cb9855056cbaeb3,2bb913de56caaeb3,2bb911dc56caaeb3,2cb9794456cbaeb3,2bb929f456caaeb3,2bb907d256caaeb3,2bb910db56caaeb3,2bb902cd56caaeb3,2bb903ce56caaeb3,2bb909d456caaeb3,2bb9ffca56caaeb3,2bb901cc56caaeb3 PS I already filled the Geo Filter form and post it Regards
  6. Thanks bro Ohh , then xr500 must be the main router Is there a way that i can use it as router mode and make it secondary or as bridge or any other way
  7. Hi just want to ask does geofilter feature will be disables on AP mode ?? Im using XR500 as an AP currently and Cant see the geofilter anywhere
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