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  1. Thanks for the response. Apologies if I'm upset it's just I track and get notifications and wasn't enjoying the replies I saw for a thread that's been ongoing for a while now. I look forward to trying 3.0. Hope it's soon!
  2. I think it's incredibly irresponsible of the devs to have blamed everything except Qos when this obviously isn't unique to me. I turn Qos off anytime I want to watch things on my Samsung SmartTV now. I gave up. When this router breaks I'm not using any router that uses netduma. A total shame bc I love the feature set. Half the responses mention me having IPTV from my ISP. I don't have that. It affects multiple apps on the Samsung TV I bought. I understand IPTV is also a type of service, but calling my ISP doesn't fix this, turning off QoS fixes it. Why even mention my ISP, they aren't the factor causing this. I don't have anything other than internet from my ISP/Cable company. The newest app on the TV that has the issue is Funimation. Can't load any video, but the exact second I turn off QoS with the video open, the video begins loading.
  3. Also confirming I disabled IPv6 on both the router and the TV since it was mentioned. No difference.
  4. FYI here is with QoS off, watching streams on TV Plus, showing my network traffic. I have a 400MB down 25 upload connection. Not even close to maxing it out but we're barely using the network right now. The only other active device is our PCs
  5. Completed these both: Completed both of these together. Streams still cannot establish any connection.
  6. Completed this test. Left QoS off and had no app issues at all. Watched for a few hours. Didn't need to toggle it to continue watching or load new streams etc. As soon as I I turned QoS back on, current stream continued as long as I watched.. But if I stopped watching, then tried to watch a new stream again it wouldn't connect anymore. Going to try the other steps mentioned.
  7. Hello Danny I am running through wifi so I'm not sure if any switch is the issuem. Connection is Coax > Modem > Router > 2.4GHz WiFi > Samsung Q8F TV -- Thanks for the other trouble shooting steps. I will try them and report back shortly.
  8. No I did not toggle anything else. UPnP is on My modem is my own bought Netgear CM1000. There is no bridge mode. It's just a modem not a modem/router. I also attempted putting the TVs IP into the router's DMZ and it did not work. The only setting I toggle that changes these apps working is QoS on/off.
  9. Hello, I have just purchased a new Netgear Nighthawk XR500 with the hopes of using QoS features and bandwidth limiting. Frustratingly though, ever since I set up the router, I've had to disable QoS in order to get the Samsung Q8F's smart tv functions (such as the TVPlus app or the 3rd party Twitch.tv app available on Samsung's platform) to be able to work. Weirdly enough the Netflix app worked with QoS still on, it's just other apps that do streaming on this TV that struggle. I've played around in the settings in both the TV and the router, but nothing has worked. Is it true this is an issue with the software and that the QoS is buggy with these devices? Every thread I've found so far here or on the Netgear forum is a dead end. Is there any fix in the works? I'd hate to have to return this already.
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