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  1. So hot it up and running, but down 6mb on connection and ping has gone up. Will this improve or should I do vlan on the xr500 with sky Q hub as main device?
  2. Ohhh I might need that I presumed the vigor was almost plug and play, I know I have to do mac of sky hub in router and the any skydsl but 5hats about it.
  3. thanks for letting me know, lets hope its a quick setup, although i doubt it, I have to setup the modem, then xr500, then add the SX10 into the mix, then place the X6S upstairs
  4. So my XR500 is sitting in the corner waiting, my vigor 130 is due to arrive today, I was wondering before I try to set them all up, is option 61 available in latest firmware at this time, or will I be back here begging for it once I try to set up? if it is no problems, if it is not can I have the magical PM too
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