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  1. My lines are brand new cat6 and this is the second brand new modem from spectrum. I’ve followed the “guide” and am using Twitter.com on all of my tests. It’s looking like my “3rd” hop is having the issues? My isp has put in a new “drop” line outside. And I’ve had them in here 3x in 2 weeks looking at my stuff and they keep saying everything is fine. But it’s not.
  2. As stated earlier my connection is wired into my XR500. My speeds are supposed to be 1000/40. I can take other screenshots /speed tests. But I’m not exactly sure what you are looking for. I’ll get them here in a few.
  3. Thank you for reaching out. this has been very! frustrating for me... the 35ms ping was me saying their is no way I get 35ms.. its not even "possible" with my crap internet. the very best ping i've seen on speedtest.net is 46ms.. and i've searched everywhere on servers to check my pings. so to reduce lag.. I still need a lot of help. because it isn't working like a charm. not even close. Attached is my screenshot of my computer attached to ethernet to the duma os router "XR500" the hit detection is not the other person lagging.. its the other person not lagging at all. I have felt the smooth and consistent connections and they have been there! they feel amazing!!! it happens every few 14-20 games.. Attached is ping plotter screenshot you'll see on #3 i have spikes up to 800ish.. hope this helps.. and thank you! Nate
  4. So, I was requested to post in here to get better results. I am having serious lag and connection issues with the netgear XR500 and trying to resolve the lag issues in APex. I have some games that I will jump right into and hav zero lag and feel like butter! but then sometimes it's the worst. Guys just walk right through me. My pings are around 35 to the server. but there is no way thats correct. I need someone to talk to probably on the phone to walk me through this.. I am so frustrated with this product.
  5. I need serious help. I cannot get this to work for the life of me! I have tried every setting and everything I can to figure this out. but I am not able to get this to work. can someone help me? I keep getting servers that are so stinking laggy.. it shows I have the servers in california but then tries to connect to texas or the east coast. I am assuming its user error but I am at a loss. and apex is the laggiest game of all time for me!
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