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  1. Indeed, I just received an email from DHL saying that the new router is coming on Monday. Thanks for the support and I hope that you manage to find what went wrong!
  2. I checked ipconfig and everything looks fine. The router boots properly and the devices connected to it have internet access. I just cannot access the interface. I am using the and "http://r1". They both prompt me to to enter my credentials as usual but my username and password are not valid. I am using a custom username and password, but I also tried the default ones and nothing. I also tried the mikrotik default username and password with no luck. It is really strange. The only thing that comes to my mind is that there could be some test codes left from the development of the firmware and that somehow by losing power the router could have reverted back to those. Thankfully the guys from the support have sorted this. My router is going to be replaced so everything is fine.
  3. Hi, Could you please chase Jack again? It' another week since I sent him my address in order to send a courrier to pick up the router and I still haven't received an answer. This is becoming frustrating as this is the third week I am unable to use the router. Thanks
  4. Hello again, It's now a week since I' ve sent the order number and messaged you, however I did not get a reply. Could you please update me on the situation?
  5. Hi! Nothing else. Just the IP or r1/. I don't know if it matters but I think I should mention this because it could be related to this one. Around the time that the power supply was unpluged I was trying to connect a second console to the router. Thinks happened in this exact order. 1.At this time there are a desktop pc and a Ps4 already connected to the router with ethernet and a bunch of Android devices via wifi. Both Pc and Ps4 were already added to the Geo-Filter and Hyper-Lane services. 2.Router is unpluged and reconnected to the power source. 3.A second Ps4 is connected to the router also via ethernet cable. 4.I try accessing the R1's interface in order to add the second Ps4 to the Hyper-Lane but I cannot sign in anymore. I always keep the R1's interface open on a tab on Chrome on my pc which every time that chrome restarts asks for login. The credentials are saved and filled by Chrome. This how I use it from almost day one and I never had a problem. From my point of view the power failure seemed to be what caused the issue, that's why I didn't mentioned the second console. I hope these information come in useful.
  6. Hello, Thanks for the reply Jack! As far the upgrade is concerned, I did not tried to upgrade. Could it be that it performed an auto upgrade? I really cannot tell if it was upgrading its firmware on its own. No, I just tried routerlogin.net and it prompts me to a netgear link (https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/routerlogin.html) which tells me that I am not connected to my router's wifi, even though I tried from a wired device. Since day one I am using the router's IP adrees to connect to the interface ( and yesterday while I was searching for a solution I also tried "http://r1", both of which promt me to the 'username / password' box. I have internet access on all my devices both wired and wireless, but I cannot gain access to the R1's interface. I am sure that the router's firmware is 1.03.6j. I purchased it about two months ago and it was shipped with this version. From when I started using it I did not tried to upgrade it. If there is an auto upgrade feature it could be on a higher version but I cannot be sure about that.
  7. Hello, I am having the following issue with the R1. After accidentally unpluging the power source, I can no more access the R1's interface. I tried accessing it using both my Windows 10 desktop pc which is connected to it with ethernet cable and two Android devices via Wifi. In both cases I tried with Chrome and Firefox. I get prompted to enter my username and password as usual but now my username and password do not get accepted. I don't get a wrong username or password message, it just refreshes the page that asks for my credentials. I also tried the default admin password but still nothing. To make things worse the factory reset option by long pressing the reset button on the back of the R1 does not work. I have repeatedly tried to press the button for more than a minute and nothing happens. At this point I am completly blocked from accessing the router's interface. The R1's firmware is 1.03.6j.
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