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  1. I've been having these same issues.. Every time I reset modem BANG it won't handshake with my nbn connection device for 30 mins. Tried everything but seems to be a netgear/duma issue with DHCP and MAC address. Stay away from this modem if anyone here is hunting for info
  2. Bufferbloat is set to always when using dls test and I've got it set normally on when high traffic is detected. Speeds are put in correctly after around 10 speed test runs to get it perfect. Bufferbloat is also set at 70% for both in test and still have massive spikes
  3. With bufferbloat set on 70% download and upload using dsl reports im getting crazy ping spikes throughout the test. Maybe 2-3 times on download and around 4 upload where it spikes to 1500+ then back to 8 or so. Same settings on my previous Asus Gtac5300 never moved from under 10ms on this test. Is this a netgear hardware issue? Or the type of packet scheduling it uses. Using latest firmware
  4. Putting bufferbloat at 70% is working good and having bandwidth at default is making camera working at the cost of my bandwidth being sucked by other users while gaming which sacrifice until I get better net
  5. Only reason I like it on is I live with few other people and have around 20 devices on wifi and only xbox is on LAN. So when it's at a peak time of the night and I'm gaming and other people are using the net my game is drastically lagging and ping going through roof. With my xbox set to 40% up and down allocation I'm playing blissfully and everyone else doesn't seem to have any issues. Apart from having no one able to connect to camera system while out the house. I will try what you said and get back to you Doing this and setting my xbox to 30% caused no issues what so ever for my camera system but realistically my net is 13mb/1mb and giving it 30% with your settings will be 297mb/297mb which would be same as it being disabled in my setup
  6. Even resetting allocation and then giving xbox only 10% it still has the issue, even with my xbox turned off and unplugged with share excess turned on. Only way for it to work with my camera is to leave it on default which is kind of disappointing.
  7. Share excess is never disabled on my setup. I have prioritized my xbox console on another setting and that is only when it's on. With no network bandwidth even being used and xbox set to even 20% caused my camera to time out and not connect. Putting it back on default share would make it work perfect again. Speeds of my net are woeful at 13mbit down /1mbit up, camera can sometimes require 700-900kbits to stream. If share of xbox is 20% and it is not on, why would the camera not stream is my question. With share excess on.
  8. I have encountered a bug and confirmed it by testing it multiple times. My security camera system can be accessed via 4G outside my home network. And with device priorities set up to anything other then the default my camera times out and won't stream. So leaving default it works, and changing to 30% xbox for up and down caused my camera to time out and not stream. Why would this be happening even when my xbox if not even on so the device prioritisation red light isn't even on?
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