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  1. Hello, Looks like this fixed the problem. I had done power cycles multiple times but did not wait the times above as you instructed. Thanks so much. I really want to love this router and I was a day away from taking it back. Now time to figure out all the other features!
  2. Just reset my XBOX back to factory. Did not help either.
  3. Is this all with the Geo-Filter completely disabled? I am not sure how to completely disable but I have no devices set. It is still set how it is out of the box. Another suggestion, since you said putting into bridge mode caused the issue: To clarify on this point. It worked fine for a week in bridge mode into the router and out of nowhere I started experiencing the issue. No settings were changed at all. I have registered and called this number. This is the number that I kept getting hung up on after 7 minutes no matter what.
  4. Put console in DMZ mod and still not working. Unavailable NAT type. It goes between Unavailable, Double NAT and OPEN but OPEN does not work either. Is there a number I can call to get real time help? I have to work from home and this is absolutely killing my productivity. At this point I am about to chalk it up to a faulty router. I set back to factory settings once again and now the Xbox is telling me it cannot get a Teredo IP address and asking to make sure that port 3544 isn't blocked. Why would it have worked for a week then all of the sudden stop working? This is not making sense at all.
  5. Hello, It appears that putting the gateway into bridge mode includes putting the XR500 into DMZ plus. Is this what you are referring to? I have not had the chance to try putting the console into DMZ on the router or screenshot the QoS as I have not been home. I did forget to mention that a few times after power cycling the console had a Double NAT type and showed as strict. I WAS able to connect to the Call Of Duty servers with a double NAT type. See video below that I used to put my gateway into bridge mode.
  6. Hello, To clarify "Remove bridge mode and instead put the XR500 in the DMZ. Then to be sure put your console in the XR500 DMZ." You are saying set the gateway back to "gateway/Non-bridge mode"? Forgive my ignorance but I am not sure what you mean by putting the router and console in the DMZ? Will my console connect to the XR500 or to my Pace gateway?
  7. Just checked direct to my console via BRIDGE mode and I am able to connect to the servers this way. Wouldn't this mean it is a router issue and not my gateway? The router by default had IPv6 disabled. I am not familiar with PPPoE. I tried to fine tune for 3 days basically and it never really made a difference. It would get better for a minute then be back to bad a little later. Even with setting prioritizations and allocations to my XBOX ONE the firestick would use all of the bandwidth and cause me to lag on my game. I have read many others having the same issue.
  8. I'm fairly certain that it's not the COD servers as I have multiple friends that have had no issues connecting and I CAN connect via my gateway only. I only have issues through this router. I'm not only going off of the bufferbloat test. When my wife would stream via Amazon Firestick or pretty much any other device it would cause major latency issues. My ping would skyrocket to 900+ while trying to play.
  9. Hello, Thanks for the quick response. Yes. I have tried with GEO-Filtering (both modes) and without. Makes no difference. I also spent 3 afternoons last week trying to get the anti-bufferbloat to help to no avail. I have went through all the suggested settings multiple times and it helped a little but still had an F rating on the bufferbloat testing. Right now I'm more concerned about being able to connect like I was able to before last night. I just went through all these settings in the attached again and it changed nothing.
  10. Hello, Last night I was playing Black Ops 4 (Blackout) when my ping started going crazy. I did a power cycle on my modem and router as usual and once I got back online I was not able to connect to the Call Of Duty servers.(XBOX ONE). I have not been able to connect to any Call of Duty server since. I have tried WWII, Black Ops 4 and MW remaster. I have power cycled 10 times at least. I have factory reset both my gateway and router. Leaving my gateway at factory settings I am able to connect just fine. Once I put it back into bridge mode and use the XR500 I get the same issue. I have tried both wired and wireless with no change. Sometimes I get a Double Nat type. Sometimes I get open and sometimes unavailable. Even when open I am still not able to connect to the COD servers. I did notice that the Xbox One used to note that UPnP was recognized but now it just says "All Services Are Available" where it used to note about UPnP. I have AT&T U-verse using a PACE 5268ac Gateway in bridge mode into an XR500. I have had the XR500 for about a week and even though I could not get the router to help with bufferbloat like expected I did not have these issues until last night. I searched for this issue on the forum for a few hours and turned up nothing. I also called the CS line and was hung up on 3 times while waiting to be transferred. To say the least I'm a little irritated and ready to just take this unit back but wanted to see if I could get a little help from this community. Thanks in advance.
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