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  1. Just to give everyone an update on what i did and maybe is there are any known/unknown problems I did as suggested and removed the XR700 and made the virgin super hub the main router, connected to that and it was perfect, not a single bit lag was really good (And this was with the EX8000 and S8000 both incorporated into this) so i did at this point rule out the hub as a problem source. After that i reconnected the XR700 and factory reset it also to properly try again. I had an unusual issue in which (maybe as suggested above by others) in which the router would say that there was error no internet connected detected on the 1G connection however there was packets being sent across. I did various troubleshooting methods to make sure the superhub was fine and it was, my laptop could hardwire no problem. Having reset the XR700 many times it did finally pick a connection up and connected. However once back on it was still dropping connection while streaming/gaming. In my haste to make this work i did order a brand new replacement, and sent what i could only assume to be faulty one back. The new router works perfectly, have strong and solid connection. Although when i connected it to the modem when first setting it up it had the very same problem briefly as the last with connection to the WAN port, and could not read download and upload speeds. After a little bit of messing about it did finally connect, not sure if this is a known or unknown bug. Thank for the support overall guys on here, i did cop out a little and get a new one but i was very committed to get the system working.
  2. Yeah in this instance as follows i did do that and similar to when it was on the extender it appears that when i game i get rather large drops (As image shows). Still not enough to drop my connection but cause a good bit of lag. The console i game on it set as priority in QoS. This does seem to happen more when a device is streaming a video and or game it does this.
  3. I do not use any IPV6 or VLANs, my set up is as follows: XR700 is the main router, which is connected to a ISP router which is set in Modem mode i have this attached wirelessly to a Netgear EX8000 that is hardwired to a Netgear S8000 switch to some hard wired devices. Most devices are attached to wirelessly except for 3 devices connected to the S8000 All devices still see that small drop even if wired or wireless
  4. I have done a fair bit of testing with regard to settings, from disabling QoS and changing each setting to see its results. I haven't been able to find anything that helps stop this issue. I just appear to get frequent drop outs. I have not yet factory reset the router as it was my last option but im not sure if this will help. I have read some posts that indicate that it can be a firmware issue?
  5. Hi, Thank you for the welcome, yeah i do appear to notice this, on my mobile for example ill be watching videos and get a few second buffer then it continues. Its very hard to say the frequency of this occurring, i would say i notice it more when i game, the game will lag and then reviewing the graph after lagging you can see (as above) you get this small disconnect segment show. But generally it's such small disconnects anything else that isn't streaming its not much of a problem.
  6. Hi guys, Wonder if any of you can help with a small connection issue i am having on my XR700. I am currently experiencing a issue in which my connection drops for only around two seconds. The problem appears to be fairly frequent. Devices don't discount during this time but appear to lag, this when in games is alot more noticeable and i have small screenshot here to show this happening. If any of you have any suggestions on how to fix this it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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