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  1. Currently been using the BT homehub with DMZ enabled. Have always had a lot of bugs and issues and want to upgrade to modem only as the homehub does not support this. What is everyone else using with their BT internet? Any advice please?
  2. Fraser what username and password is it asking for? 🤣 I need to try the new geo fencing.~ https://i.gyazo.com/e6803ceeb0ebce63dc5c917ee1002a96.png
  3. Only wireless devices I've not checked but next time It happens I will
  4. Every wireless device stops working It's often late at night when video is being streamed on laptop
  5. Found this after looking if I could schedule reboots. Mobile phones keep disconnecting and I'm getting woken up by annoyed people at 2am. Praying 3.0 fixes things.
  6. I registered Shame it's locked now Kind of missed the memo
  7. Yeah I'm not sure what it's doing Would be cool if somebody could test it and see what they can do
  8. Ok so last year I didnt block the US server because I guess that was just for matchmaking and Europeans was connecting through it So I just set the circle only to show that it's not blocking anyone It says blocked but then come through and connect their location is Russia Asians, South Americans etc all connect Last year if I blocked the US server South American server etc it would find a match but then it would say unable to connect and it would cancel the matchmaking. In other modes it does block people but eventually, a blocked person will connect to me so I always cancel the search myself as soon as I see someone blocked.
  9. I'll grab a screen when it is attempting to block next game
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