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  1. Hi is there a way to save allow and deny on the xr500 as i want to do a factory reset but don't want to lose everything thanks
  2. Seems to have done the trick Fraser thanks for the quick response
  3. Hi every time i try to log in to DumaOS i'm getting a white screen with this message(DumaOS not loaded yet).It just started doing this today any advice on how to fix it guys?
  4. LOL seriously? the games been out for 2 year! maybe just fix the new one when it comes out next month haha
  5. It's still not working only worked for a day. The the exact same as last time my 4th factory reset this is becoming a real pain in the ass
  6. Yes i have. Not in the past week but i've done full factory reset and it still didn't work. I've done another reset this morning and i'll let you know how i get on
  7. Sorry i mean't deny. The reason you cant see it filtering is because i zoomed in to show and just didn't turn zoom off for the deleting and re-denying i've already tried that it doesn't work
  8. Hi thanks for the reply, the game i'm playing is EA UFC 3, i know there's dedicated servers in the game and they can be blocked but a lot of the time when its peer 2 peer it doesn't block the peer. It did block them for a few days and now it just allows every single peer i've blocked. i know for definite because i've marked them (no) . i've tried deleting and blocking again multiple times but nothing happens, its just stopped blocking completely, here is a screenshot hope it helps. I never use ping assist so it's definitely not that and for other games i usually have my radius around Britain but for EA UFC 3 there's not a lot of people playing so i use full map and just try and block the bad connections but they're still getting through
  9. Hi could you tell me when we will be able to block peers on p2p games in the geo filter? this hasn't worked since i bought the xr500 a month ago.
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