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  1. over 6 months without a firmware update. no wonder people are looking for alternative firmware.
  2. Hi Zippy, Thanks for the suggestion but i need the hybrid vpn. plus ive wasted enough of my time on this product.
  3. Update.. So i have finally given up on the xr500. i dont understand how such a basic function of rebooting a device is a failure. I think the way dumaos handle's DHCP from the isp is broken and needs to be looked at. I have put my Asus ac68u back in and have had no issues rebooted it 4 times alone last night without a problem yet with the xr500 i reboot it once and have to power off my entire network to get a connection on the stupid thing. Now i have to try and sell the xr500 as its past the 30 day return window yay.
  4. ok so far i have had 2 successful reboots of the xr500 since changing the mac address to "Use This Mac" and confirming with my provider that's what they see on there end. Im still not sure what had really been going on but i think the call to my provider and them clearing out all the other mac's may have resolved the problem as stated in my first post. But how it all got in that state ill guess ill never find out. Hopefully this doesn't happen again but i doubt this issue is resolved as this had never happened with my previous hardware.
  5. No internet when using "Use Static IP Address " (retaining the current ip setup) and the mac to "Use this Mac Address" Which is set to the xr500 mac. Changed back to "Get dynamically from ISP" leaving the mac setting as is and the net comes back up. Haven't been game enough to reboot router with this config as yet as i'm not keen on spending 3 or so hours trying to get it back up and running again and having to phone my provider to clear out all the mac addresses again. might give it a go tonight when i get home with just the static mac set and see if that works.
  6. Im sorry but they dont sound like fantastic solutions to me. I had no such issues with my old router and i guess thats what ill be putting back in and returning the xr500.
  7. So any response on this issue or is this not a duma os problem?
  8. Connection type is Fibre (FTTP - Fibre to the Premise) example below Further Information here : https://www.nbnco.com.au/content/dam/nbnco/documents/nbn-fibre-user-guide.pdf In regards to advertising as the router. when switching from my old router to the xr500 there is a 30 min cool down on the provider end before the new router is allowed on the network ( it holds the mac of the old router for 30 mins before releasing and recognizing the new mac of the xr500. For some reason when i reboot the xr500 devices on my network are being picked up by my provider as the router hence a new mac address is being bound and i am never able to get a connection.
  9. Every time i reboot my new xr500 the internet does not come back up. So i phoned my provider to see if they could tell me whats going on. Interesting conversation.... apparently they could see my internal devices on my network such as my phillips hue and various devices such as an xbox my pc and so on which appears to be advertising to my provider that they are the router hence why the internet was not working. Upon the tech kicking all the xr500 imposters the net started working. Now to be clear i am running the latest firmware and am not doing anything crazy. So my question is.... How the hell is it possible? Is this thing even secure? i Never had any issues like this running Asus Merlin on my AC68U Has anyone else come across this issue?
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