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  1. hi there when i am trying to block in filtering it is not blocking it is showing only square not triangle i am do it with a ps4 bo4
  2. yes and the voice chat still does not work
  3. see i have three severs me but only 1 Singapore sever works
  4. the main problem is fortnite like i live in india i have sea severs and japan severs but it is connecting to japan severs and kicking me from game its not avoiding that japan severs
  5. i have my nate type open they also i am losing my voice chat and i disable strict mode
  6. i have one more problem when i am using geo filter for fortnite i am losing my voice chat and when i get a bad sever its just kick me from the game not rejecting that sever
  7. i have one more problem how to config this router to play apex legends
  8. when i am playing fortnite on my pc it does not show the severs and when i get into a game it does not show the ping also plz help me
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