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  1. Solved it on my own. Though for others: - Disable SIP Alg (Wan Settings) - Add port forwarding (varies by your provider)
  2. I've got Zoiper on my phone setup with voip phone number. When connected to mobile data it works perfectly. When connected to the XR500 calls and texts do not go through. Is there something that needs to be set? I have the device marked as a phone in the routers device manager.
  3. I agree, there needs to be beta builds that people can test. Use this community!
  4. By 'scheme' I mean, what is the ip address range the router uses when giving out addresses to clients of the guest network.
  5. I've disabled DHCP on the router so it can be provided by a different server on the network. However, I would like to use the guest network functionality. My question is, what is the guest network scheme so that I can configure my DHCP server to provide addresses for it. My router is the XR500
  6. Thanks for staying on top of the new games! Have had no issues playing Anthem on my xr500.
  7. Have not had to reboot the router since off loading DHCP and DNS. Definitely good news. What I am experiencing now is out of my control. During peak internet times the games that I am playing experience more rubber banding and other similar issues. Which I think is definitely related to how busy my ISP is during peak times. Since the router resumes operating normally after some time passes.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have a static ip address with my isp, and internally I have almost all my devices set with static ip addresses. However your response did cause me to look at the DHCP settings on the router. I've added reservations to devices and will see if that resolves the issue. Also, I don't see anywhere that I can change the lease time in Duma OS. I have not tried factory resetting the router. UPDATE: I decided to remove any DNS or DHCP responsibility from the router. Will update after a period of testing.
  9. I've been using the xr500 for about a 12 days. Overall I really like the router and want it to be the router I go with. However, every couple days, the router just blocks all internet traffic. The only way to get things working again is by rebooting it. This has happened 6 times now in about 12 days. Which is why I am writing this post. I'm approaching the refund date on my purchase and I need to make a decision. I've got a copy of the log from the router shortly after it stopped allowing internet traffic. Which I've attached. I'm also running the latest firmware for the router and have anti buffer bloat set to "When high priority detected" log-1549988508709.txt
  10. Like most routers, DumaOS benefits from a reboot. I'm new to DumaOS so I don't have a lot of experience. However so far it seems like after 7 days performance is degraded. Since your asking for input on features, what I would love to see is the option to schedule a reboot. In perfect world, I'd like router software to be able to operate without performance degradation over time. What would also be great is if DumaOS could detect the performance reduction and schedule the reboot. I know, to much to ask, which is why scheduling a reboot would be a great feature. Something simple, like every X days at a specific time. Problem solved.
  11. Coming February 15th 2019.
  12. This is the first router I've had that doesn't have a firewall feature. I have the XR500. Reason for buying is prioritizing gaming traffic, and that it does exceptionally well. To be fair though, I've always used commercial routers so comparing features isn't really fair. Sophos, Fortinet, Cisco. These are all amazing companies and routers, however they do not prioritize gaming traffic. With that being said, what I would really would like to in DumaOS is enable port forwarding to only allowing traffic from specific IP addresses. There must be firewall in the software, however it doestn't appear to be accessible through the UI.
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