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  1. As an update, the number of "Baboon" errors we were receiving has dropped to zero. No longer need to use a VPN connection. I'm thinking that the issue was on their end, unless you've made changes to the Destiny 2 settings used by the router.
  2. I don't use the geofilter for finding games on PC. It did try it out a long time ago and it did appear to mostly work.
  3. Thanks! Though I have some updates. Here is what I've had to do, as last night the errors were preventing my wife from gaming. In order to stabilize the game I fired up a VPN connection. After that the game had zero issues. Though I still find it odd that the game was fine prior to Oct 1 when the game was on Battle.net. Now that it is on Steam... seems to me that something has changed.
  4. No, nothing appeared to be blocked. What does happen, is during an activity you may get an error code "baboon". There may be more info there.
  5. The message would appear randomly across the bottom of the screen. "Unable to contact Destiny 2 Servers...." It was occurring constantly yesterday. Today is hasn't happened as much. There is a chance the issues isn't with any settings on the router. Just trying to provide as much info as possible.
  6. Hello, Just wanted to ask if the settings for Destiny 2 have been reviewed? The game recently moved to Steam on October 1st. I'm getting messages in game that it is having trouble contacting their servers. I haven't changes anything since it was on Battle.net. ACanadian
  7. That is what I am going to do. Get a different router and put the XR500 on the shelf. Like you and many others we read on this forum but never write. Hoping, on the day we read that we see milestone 1.4 ready to be installed. There has to be so much more going on that these kind folks are not talking about. To the support staff, the ones who reply on this forum, you are warriors and I commend you for your effort. To the management and owners of Netduma, you've got to do better. My guess is that you are frustrated by the situation as well and you wanting to make changes but cannot due to contractual reasons. Hopefully you've learnt from past mistakes and have the opportunity to wright the ship in the future. As of right now, I'm out.
  8. Guys I've read all the reasons, and everyday I hover my mouse over the buy button for a different router. I don't want to, I want this one to be amazing!
  9. Thanks for the info. I prefer to not run the Nat filtering in less secure mode. On xbox you can actually assign the port to use for live services so that you can port forward with confidence.
  10. Same answer as above. One device is open nat with upnp, the second moderate.
  11. I agree that using UPNP is the easiest. It just seems that the XR500 isn't great at UPNP. Hopefully this will be improved in 1.4
  12. If you figure out how to get an open nat with two devices playing the same game on the same lan, I'd be interested to know how.
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