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  1. Yeah its always east. Connected to one around North Carolina. Ill check it again later with it zoomed out.
  2. Its like my router thinks its not where its at lol... I have no idea. Ive tried just about everything
  3. Yeah. When you load into the park on 2k it tells you if its a west or an east server. Always west on hotspot and always east when plugged into the router.
  4. It is listed as console. Trying it in spectating mode right now
  5. Yes the device is added. I didnt try it in spectating mode. Doesnt that pretty much disable the filter?
  6. Filtering mode is set to on with 0 ping assist. Soon as the game starts I get disconnected.
  7. I tried that. Still puts me in an east server. Once I step on a court to play a game my game freezes. Ill screen shot my geofilter when I get home.
  8. Heres my problem. Playing nba 2k21 it puts me in an east server when I live in Idaho. My router is an xr500. If I connect with the hotspot from my phone I get in a west server everytime. Is there a way to fix my router so it connects to a west server???
  9. Ok thanks for the info. Ill try a different one.
  10. I used purevpn and got a more consistent ping. Usually get anywhere from 60 to 120 on call of duty. With the vpn every game was 50 to 60. It wont give you lower ping just a more consistent one from what I've discovered and read.
  11. Need professional assistance!!! I'm running an arris sb6190 modem into a netgear xr500. I set the vpn up with express vpn. When I turn my xbox on it gives me a double nat. If I disabled the vpn my nat instantly goes to open. We have 3 xbox ones all wired into the router. I've researched and tried almost everything but no luck. Upnp is on with no port forwarding. Saw suggestions to bridge the router or make it an access point but I only have one and that sounds like something for people using multiple routers. I believe the modem is already in bridge mode cause its a stand alone modem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  12. I have the netduma r1. Updated it with the latest firmware in December. I've tried factory resetting it but that didn't work. It worked before I updated but thought maybe I had done something different to make it go away.
  13. So I updated my netduma a while back and after the update my geo-map disappeared. Any ideas on how to get it back up?
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