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  1. On the list of ports to forward for FIFA 21 on PS4 is shows to add port 40 and 443 for UDP, should I remove those? If I do decide to go with Port forwarding should UPnP remain active or should I deactivate UPnP?
  2. I have tried opening my DMZ on the router but only for the playstation IP and it doesn't seem to work. I'm trying every option because although I supposedly have the settings set up right for port forwarding it doesn't seem to be working correctly either. I'm anticipating that when the ports are opened or DMZ is on that the game will run smoothly which it is not. I understand that there really isn't a way to check if ports are opened since it is for a console. There really isn't a way to confirm that the the ports are opened for PS4 is there? Another option I'm trying is in the traffic prioritization section where you add device -> after I add the PS4 as my device and look for FIFA in the list (that is not there) I then go to advance section and it gives me the option to add source ports, destination port, and protocol. The set up seems similar to port forwarding although I'm not sure if I should set up the same ports that I used for port forwarding? What should I do for this area?
  3. I know that I have Type 2 Nat which is considered as moderate for PS4. Open NAT is considered as as Type I which to my knowledge is only accessible if your console is connected directly to the modem. I do have my router set to an open NAT but am unsure how to get Type 1 NAT while still connected to my router. Any thoughts on this?
  4. Thank you Fraser, So how will I be able to know if the ports are opened from my Port forwarding?
  5. So I have recently tried to open some ports on my XR500 router for my PS4 and after assigning a static IP and forwarding my ports I checked the port map and only see one port opened (9308) and it is not even a port that I have in the list. I'm confused as to why this port is evening showing up on the port map. When I looked up the port it says that it is related to the playstation network. I'm not sure if I am doing the correct steps to open the ports but from what I have read online it seems like this has been an issue for this router showing those ports. Any input would be appreciated.
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