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  1. hi still no luck with geo filter have filtering mode on an strict just keeps loading an loading then network connection lost, have my circle covering just the UK
  2. can someone help please no matter where I put my geo filter radius I can't get into a game, my brother gets put into a game when he is with me an I get connection lost, I have reset the game flush cloud, tried to play in America Canada, uk Germany no luck am I doing something wrong?
  3. no i don't mean like that I mean as if I went on wifi the other team will have higher ping than if I played wired, so many guys like 300 - 0 on mlg i struggle to hit them even when they are from the UK
  4. Hi wonder if anyone can help I play allot of mlg on black ops 4 so always on custom games, Is their any way of sabotaging the enemy using the xr500 no cheating or anything like that, just like make bullets sponge more any help would be great thanks.
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