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  1. Thanks Jack for the info. I'll give it a try in a few days.
  2. Thanks, I guess I'll try the reset but I'm afraid I'll lose my internet all together for the weekend so I might wait until Monday to try that before requesting a replacement. Thanks. It shouldn't be this difficult when you drop that kind of money. Extremely frustrating. Take care!
  3. I cleared browser cache and I always clear it daily. Also, no I didn't do anything different prior to the problem. I just tried to go to the dashboard and this is all I get. In addition, the app won't recognize my login credentials and I know they are correct. I'm about to send this device straight back for a refund.
  4. Good evening, I purchased a Netgear XR500 only 3 days ago, installation went smooth including the DumaOs dashboard. However, after only 24 hours of use the DumaOs refuses to load on my browser. I have noticed that I am not the first person to come across this problem & it is frustrating because part of the high price tag for this router is knowing you will have access to the DumaOs dashboard. I would really any help and I am uploading a screenshot of the ongoing error when trying to go to routerlogin.net Thanks for your help!
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