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  1. I've ordered new cables to try so I'll do that tomorrow but other than that I'm stuck. As u can see on WiFi everything is great which means that the settings with the modem, geofilter and buffer bloat should be kk. Time on pc plays up but all photos was taken 5 mins apart from each other
  2. There three photos 1 from my phone WiFi . The others are my pc hardwired and off WiFi
  3. Haven't got a pc screenshot but can put one up when I get home. I've factory reset my router and have qos disabled to try and correct my bandwidth
  4. I have the username and password in the option 61 as u shown above but Cant see it being the vigor 130modem or the xr500 sync because on WiFi I'm hitting 56mbs+ and if I load the xr500 up I can hit max bandwidth aswell but on any device which is connected to a ethernet port I'm only getting 25 mb when I'm guaranteed 56 minimum and that's with no load on the router
  5. I'm running this exact setup but I'm finding with it is that I'm getting full speed with WiFi but every ethernet port on the xr500 is only outputting 50% bandwidth
  6. Having a problem with slow speeds, if I use WiFi I get full speed 65+ but anything on lan its only getting roughly half 22/27 Im on xr500 latest firmware and have set everything back to factory settings with qos and iv6 disabled.
  7. It just gets difficult when ur clan has 130 members and when u playing with random people times eg mate friends. Cause u can't find every member that is on the chat. Think it only picks up the party host
  8. Yeah to be honest hopefully they do something cause moving the geofilter has one floor that by doing that u can't join friends or they can't join u. Becomes a mess or even where it won't let u talk to your party in chat outside your circle,comes up as.'cant talk to....??? Because of Nat Type'
  9. It's sad the length u got to go these days lol. please netduma can u do something that's affects ping think it make a great feature specially if cod is not gonna change there lag comp. To be honest think it would be hell of a selling point where u could advertise adjusting ping to maximise lag comp factor and getting the connection ereyone deserves when they go to the trouble of buying gaming routers.,powetline adaptors
  10. You from the UK? If so what server u connecting to, I'll try a comparison on my r1 and xr500 see if there is any difference
  11. Tbh I only wanna get my ping from 20ms to 60 maybe 70 nothing crazy. Tbh I iant worried bout bandwidth it ain't really needed it's all about the ping bo3 think I was on like 93kb and game worked like a dream lol but I want the higher ping for the cwl league. yh the router is amazing fairplay
  12. Thank u mate much appreciated. Things u gotta do just to play a fair game lol
  13. It's still worth a go. Would you have any idea by connecting the ps4 through your hybrid Vpn cause ping to go higher with some testing could maybe I could get it slightly higher maybe connection to a Spanish or French server?
  14. Both tbh if we ain't in custom matches we practising on matchmaking servers which normally putting us against full teams
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