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  1. Copy, I am playing on PS5 not on PC and I think I already have the device type listed as PlayStation.
  2. No I don’t believe I have. I waited about 30 min last night trying to get into a Brazil lobby to see if it worked and it didn’t. It’s really impossible to get into a foreign lobby for me. Could there be something wrong?
  3. Yeah I tried fast search and it’ll put me in different lobbies outside my geo filter. here’s a photo.
  4. Well i tried servers outside the US like in Spain, and it wont put me in a game. Now I try to connect to a server in LA, and it takes forever to find a game. Sometimes it wont even put me in a game. I basically have to turn off geo filter So i can find a game now.
  5. So with the update it stopped putting me in servers outside my polygon, but now I just can't get into any foreign servers at all.
  6. I am on R2 3.0.123 I am assuming I am on the old one?
  7. Was also wondering why sometimes I get Server or Allowed Server or Ping Assisted Server? Can you explain these?
  8. Just tried this, still did not work. Putting me in Ping assist servers in the US.
  9. I havent switched ping assist at all. Its been at zero the entire time. Usually between 80-110 is what I get. Theres a server exactly where I made the square, so I don't get how it doesnt work.
  10. That’s what my geo filter shows. I have my square around Singapore and it finds me a server in the US.
  11. When I attempt to use this feature and try finding a server in Singapore (currently living in los angeles). For some reason I don't feel like it works. On my geo filter map I see a ping assist server icon and itll usually be in random places besides the square I made around Singapore. Any idea whats going on?
  12. I have also tried this in diff continents to see if it worked. I place the radius around the continent and some how ill only see a "ping assist server icon" and itll be in a totally diff place than my radius..
  13. Cool! Thanks Anyone have any luck with the wifi option? Ive always played wired, I feel like wifi would cause delay in gun fights. I saw someone mention its harder to kill you when youre on wifi?
  14. Anyone know how to change the MTU? I am on PS5
  15. So the wifi option works on Modern Warfare too? Gonna have to try this out. Anyone know where to change the MTU?
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