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  1. One of the big reasons I bought the high end Nighthawk XR700 was its ability to see traffic stats in real time. A lot of times I'll have a LAN party and my connection will become worthless because one of the Xboxes or phones or something decides to hog all the bandwidth. I thought that with this router I could see who the bad apple was and block them, restoring order and peace to the land. Or if not block them, at least QOS would take over and not let any one device crush all traffic. However, I've discovered that the traffic monitor and QOS are only on Internet traffic. I can't see who's saturating the internal network. This has become an issue because right now my 5GHZ wifi network is only eeking out 1-3Mb/sec on speedtest, while my 2.4GHZ network is doing around 30Mb/sec (I have 300Mb down / 10Mb up). My wired network is still getting around 300Mb/sec download. So obviously there's a bad guy (or guys) on my 5GHZ wifi. But since none of the devices on that network are using Internet bandwidth, I can't see what's happening. Is there any way to see internal network stats? Did I misunderstand the router's capabilities? What about third party plugins or R-apps? I hate that I have this $500 rocket ship but can't reliably watch 4K videos in my living room... I'm open to any suggestions y'all might have.
  2. Hi, They're getting their IPs from my DHCP server which is a Windows VM on my network. I've started manually naming everything - Is it safe to assume that DumaOS uses the MAC addresses for name matching and not IPs? Because if it uses IP addresses this will turn into mass chaos as my leases expire and renew.
  3. The MAC addresses show up accurately in the network manager table. I have an Active Directory domain at my house and there are a ton of dependencies that would break if I were to move DHCP and DNS onto the router. Can you give more information on how dynamic DNS would work in my situation? I've only ever used it to get a hostname on my external IP address. Oh, one more thing - A ton of the clients are wireless and are connected directly to the router, so I'd think that if the ARP table were the issue, they wouldn't be affected?
  4. Hi, I set up my NightHawk XR700 as my only wifi router, and have offloaded the DHCP and DNS duties to a Windows server. All the systems on my network show up as Unnamed Device. If I click details it shows their IP addresses. I assume that this is because my router doesn't know how to look up the IPs? Is there a way to point the Netgear to my internal DNS server to reverse resolve the IPs? Or am I wrong and this should "just work"? I've updated my router to the most recent firmware.
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