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  1. I did saturate my network by streaming TV and running YouTube at 1080p while running dslreports speed test. I saw your replies regarding that speed test in others posts and am full aware of what you are referring to. I never said I had issues with xr500 qos, did I? I would really appreciate if you address a specific scenario I described above, when you are peered with stack of players with fireteam leader being inside radius when other members are not. Could you please elaborate what is supposed to be happening so that I know that what I'm seeing is right or something is wrong. Thank you beforehand! PS: most of the time when I play with friends in Europe and they are fireteam leaders we are matched with European players and, to put it gently, I dominate opponents with my 200ms ping to Europe and not using netduma
  2. My qos is fine, I did plenty of pingplotter and other analisys. I consistently get A+ on dslreports speed test when I use ddwrt qos with FQ_CODEL and running command ifconfig eth0 txqueuelen 2 ifconfig eth1 txqueuelen 2 much needed for eleminating buffer bloat (http://www.embracingchaos.com/2011/01/fighting-buffer-bloat-on-dd-wrt.html) Can your firmware do that? Netduma's qos does a good job just not as good IMHO. I only get A or occasional B using netduma. I do not have high ping to most peers, only few. My main point was that destiny's matchmaking will still connect me to people outside of geo-filter range if they are not solo players and fireteam leader is inside the range it will put me in the game with them. I was going to return xr500 on my way home from work tonight but if I keep it for an extra day I will post screens or short clips of geo-filter screen next to ps4 matchmaking screen as a proof of what I'm saying. It such a bummer since I got a killer deal of $200 for brand new xr500 at local retail.
  3. I'm on West coast of the US. Playing on high-speed cable connection with PS4 wired to xr500. I put my location in geo-filter so that I barely get Pacific ocean and bubble is mostly inland US. Using just geo-filtering was my initial approach but I would still get laggy players. To be honest a lot of US players do not have good connection even nowdays so even with much smaller than recommended for destiny radius I would get a few people with pings close to or over 100ms. Another reason why I was initially excited about return of ping assist is potentially weeding out high pingers. Don't get me wrong, dumaos idea and most part of execution is brilliant but I guess it's the nature of the beast - destiny's hybrid network model combined with poor SBMM that cannot be overcome 100% even by duma's engine. In my experience getting even only one peer connection will result in getting into the game because that peer will eventually bring you over into the rest of matchmaking pool. Another observation is when some players in the round are denied by netduma they are still in the round of crucible with me but our p2p connection is broken and I would not even see them on radar or get hit marks for a while. One thing I learnt about destiny's netcode is it's client athoritative system so if his PS4 thinks I'm dead it will eventually let me know that (usually when I'm way behind cover, around the corner, etc) I'm dead. So I guess I would just suck it up and go back to using my r7000 with ddwrt since qos is better and there are other perks in using it... Thank you, Frazer, for reading and replying to my post. 👍
  4. So my experience with xr500 and destiny 2 has not been good so far no matter what I tried. See typical scenarios below: 1. Geo-filter on (anywhere between 100-700 miles. I get nearby and blocked players outside of radious in crucibal round. Usually due to groups of people not single players. Not good experience at all. 2. Geo-filter on (0 miles radius) with location set to ocean and ping assist on for anywhere between 30 - 50 ms. Most people with ping higher those numbers denied but somehow there are always few players far away from my actually location with pings around 100 ms which are allowed by router. I checked and they not dedicated servers, just regular players with high ping somehow allowed by ping assist (dotted line around person symbol). 3. Only Geo filter on in the ocean and ping assist off will block all players (as intended) but of course you can't get in to crucible round. Changing ping assist from 0 to just 1 ms (as a test) leads to accepting connection of few random players and puts me in the game. Not good. Sorry for long post but in summary, since I only play destiny 2, my overall pvp experience is geo-filter does not work as intended and ping assist does not work as intended. PS: I also experience issues like some others when xr500 shows my devices offline when they are on and only factory reset solves it temporarilly.
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