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  1. Ok, so basically turn on strict mode, once i am in a match turn it off, and repeat every time i matchmake correct?
  2. Ok, so is there a way i can play with people in Asia only/mostly then without strict mode on destiny 2 reliably? is there a server there that people connect to that i can find?
  3. USA west coast in California. I had read that strict on does not work with Destiny 2 however? unless this has been fixed. and regarding ping my ping assist is off or at 0, would adjusting this help?
  4. Hello, i was informed by a friend that they used the netduma to only play with people over in Asia for Competitive to make it easier as they have a larger playerbase as well from what i have heard. i had tried to matchmake with the Destiny profile settings but even though i see the players being scanned, i rarely ever matchmake with them. i dont care about ping or connection when i play comp so if there is anyone that can help me adjust my settings to play with people in asia only i would appreciate it. thank you for your time
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