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  1. So theoretically, if a foreign version of software can be flashed on to the device somehow, it'll be able to bypass the sanction?
  2. It's available when the client is switched to Chinese, but the service only works for games, all other functions of a VPN are disabled. This is completely different from a VPN. I hope this whole thing is software based, so those who want the functionality can fix it with some elbow grease.
  3. Thanks for the reply Fraser! Where am I supposed to find the option you mentioned in the other post? Everything in my router options is the same as before. Also, for the Chinese version of the router, are the limitations software or hardware? Is there a work around for me to use the hybrid VPN?
  4. Hello there, Today I updated my XR500 to the newest version of firmware. It was auto updated but I uploaded and updated anyway. I did a factory reset and cleared the browser cache after installation. After the update, the firmware version showed V2.3.2.40, but everything is still the same. I reupdated the device again and nothing has changed so far. Your insights into my problem would be very helpful. Thanks!
  5. I just updated with the image file anyway after my router auto updated itself. The hybrid VPN feature isn't showing on the side panel or anywhere for that matter. Did factory reset and cleared browser cache. What am I doing wrong? FYI I'm in China right now and my XR500 is bought through a local retailer if that makes any difference.
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