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  1. Yes I’m referencing to what Xbox says. I know I’m connection to Xbox server and may be off but should not be terrible off. My base ping is 31ms just checked it. My cable company only runs 16 down channels and 3 up. I have 2-3 ft Vandesail cat 8 cable 26awg. Only thing on my cable line is my modem no tv. If I ping yahoo.com 39-40 with a ttl of 51. ping google 26-27 Ttl of 55.
  2. I’ve tried the optimization, tried namebench and dns bench, every other thing I could try. Different packages of from my isp. Did a Mtu optimization through cams prompt. 1400 +20+8 best I could get with out fragmented files.
  3. Looking into a vpn service for gaming. Have the xr700 and cm1000. My Xbox latency through Xbox is between 50-74. Suppose to have 500 down and 30 up. I get above one both. Went I’ve done every thing I can to help with lag on bo4. Looking into better alternatives. Looking up vpn servers I have one that is 180km from me (expressvpn). Has anyone tried a vpn on bo4? If so what was your experiences?
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