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  1. I tried using the MS edge browser on the device so that I can perform other tests. These were the results. It very well could be MS side but results are all over the place.
  2. I used my pc's cat7 and wired it to the xbox. Still getting same results.
  3. Hi, I'm having issues trying to understand why the upload speed for xbox live is way below where it needs to be. I have the router hardwired directly to my ONT (fiberoptic) with a symmetrical line of 940/940 mbps; so getting a upload value of 50-55 mbps is troublesome, considering how I ran a speedtest with provider and get results close to where they need to be. I have QOS disabled, anti-bufferbloat disabled. Share bandwidth enabled. This issue is only prevalent when I use my xr500; when I use the router my ISP provided, I get more symmetrical speeds on the X1 test. I'm not sure what is going on. First pic is both QOS and anti-bufferbloat disabled. Second pic is only the QOS enabled.
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