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  1. similiar issues.. think ill go back to the data corrupted Asus router.... it worked it always worked. i can vpn with less trouble of this 300 dollar router with no warranty. very dissappointed. seems like i have to reset every time i have to use it to get my 200+ mbs.... let me know if you want my logs or anything else... i also had more than a dozen users logined into my device with a password that i know is secure thanks preston
  2. New guy here... unfortunately. never had so many router issues and really off put for the amount of money i laid down for it. here we go. most things were fine until a few days ago. lost all bandwidth. i have a 200mbps connection and was getting under 1mbps. When i finally realized it was a router issue I logged into Duma to see that I had a dozen or so devices that were on the network that were not mine. Have passwords on everything. Even the guest networks. That said I updated the firmware to the latest and reset to default setting, and changed wifi names and passwords. internet kinda came back, i now get 100mbps. i disabled qos and still no dice. So i need help with getting my full bandwidth going. Then i was adding and nameing my devices and looking at the device manager in table mode it does not have the ports listed for the device. At that moment i only had my computer connected in port 1. More interesting it showed that port 4 was being utilized instead at this time but it didnt make the connection that it was my computer. i attached a snippet. the other issue i am reporting is that device manager does not do a good job of live updating. there are a few devices it was not registering as connected but were currently using bandwidth. Both an iphone and laptop. My Nexus 6p had no issues updating nor my computer connected via wire but other wired devices had issues too. would appreciate any help to get this expensive equipment doing its job correctly.
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