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  1. Great response, that helps. Perhaps I should state the goal. Ideally having another network would be for IoT devices. Has anyone done this with just the xr500 or if it’s not possible then a different setup might be considered
  2. A reason to have a VLAN or even separate network is for IoT devices. Has anyone accomplished this config ?
  3. I've read through a lot of the details on the XR500. So with the VLAN Bridge Settings, do you have to enable a bridge in order to create a VLAN and have a separate network? With a bridge I am assuming you bypass the NAT. If I don't want to bypass the NAT is it possible to create VLANs and not enable the bridge within the settings? Also, I have not found a lot of detailed documentation on VLANs specifically for the XR500, but if you have any additional documentation I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for help.
  4. Does NetDuma OS allow for creation of separate LAN networks? Truly separate so devices on one cannot see devices on the other.
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