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  1. Tried turning off the hybrid vpn a while back and no luck on my end however my issue has been since release not just this update so hopefully this works for yours. I have seen others mention this working as well as turning mu mimo off helping with disconnects. Its odd I’ve had many times that my router seems fine for weeks or even a month then suddenly it’s back to an every day thing or even multiple times a day. I’ve thought I fixed it so many times since release and then been in a final 2 or 3 or having an amazing streak and oof it all drops out. Lol Always seems to happen at the worst possible time, but that’s just how things go I guess. If I don’t laugh it off after all this time I’ll prolly lose it and launch this damn thing out the window.
  2. Ok so all signals wired and wireless go out and the router actually reboots, I actually went through all the troubleshooting and tried a beta from the guys here while on netgear forums. It seems to be pretty random as far as the activity on the device at the time and it’s for sure the router itself. All the lights go out and it totally reboots itself so our issues seem to be a bit different. I’ve tried turning off all the suggestions like mu Mimo etc. and every fix that’s been posted here and everywhere else literally. Tried to warranty with netgear a bit after launch, but they literally ignored me until after my date passed and then stopped responding at all, aside from Frasier and Jack their sites totally worthless. I’ve been with netduma for years coming from the R1 and sadly I sold it when I thought I’d figured out my issue with the xr then it came back, love netduma however this isn’t my first issue with netgears shoddy equipment as I have the older nighthawk and it’s got its own issues mostly that WiFi only functions through the extender. Really hope in the future duma partners with a less sketchy company, but till then we’re here. Hoping things work out eventually, but I’ve been fighting this thing since mid summer and have spent as much time on my router as I have gaming some weeks. Oh and no xbox, PS4 WiFi and PS4 pro wired and it’s done it with or without any manual rules, static ip, port forwarding seems to make very little difference what I do honestly. Heres the logs fingers crossed they help and or mean something more to you all than they do me, I too noticed the ddos and figure it wasn’t anything to worry about and more something the routers doing. log-1546652504844.txt
  3. I’ve been through all the troubleshooting and so many times my XR500 has seemed to be fixed then it always starts rebooting again randomly. I assumed this would get fixed with firmware updates, but that still hasn’t happened and I’m starting to wonder if I have a 300 dollar paperweight on my hands. Curious if the logs are telling me anything useful or useable in fixing the issue, cause they don’t mean much to me. Any help is appreciated, been battling this thing forever now and even though I like it when it works the reboots are driving me nuts. Speaking of is there info in these logs I need to keep hidden or would they be ok to post for help, I’ve exhausted all the options on my end at this point and am desperate for consistent coverage again.
  4. It’s driving me fn nuts as well, honestly it’s starting to feel like the Duma and all we’ve all done to get a top notch connection is actually working against us nearly half the time. Having games at around 50-3 and then going just barely positive at like 15-12 with the same class against people you can obviously see are no better seems inevitable anymore. I feel like I’ve figured it out for a day or two doing amazing consistently and think wow this games sooo fun, then the next night it’s back to aim literally assisting by being stuck a foot behind my target which is new (yea)and shots going through guys and realizing it’s a roll of the dice. Netduma has been a huge help over the years and it’s not their fault, but until cod fix some things that they never will were kinda sol. Sad cause BO4 is incredible and just what the community needed when it’s working as it’s supposed to, but unfortunately 50 percent or a bit above good games is about the best I feel we’re going to get. BF5 hit detection and overall fairness is well ahead of bo4, sadly I am now and always will be a cod guy at heart even though it’s a struggle. Both are fun, but going on and acquiring streaks sets cod apart and makes me want to grind and improve way more than bf ever could. Until cod gets real long term competition or something drastic changes internally with activision and the devs we’re pretty well stuck either being content or quitting the game we love. Anybody that’s having better luck please I’m all ears, but seems like more luck or placebo than anything else in any testing I’ve done over the years. Any way it goes I’m having fun most of the time and hope others are as well, happy new year to the netduma team and the Duma army.
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