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  1. Hello Fraser; I don't know if its the router or the nvidia shield tv or my pc. If I use my steam link, I don't experience any disconnect but I do experience frame loss. I tried downgrading to .40 and the disconnects still does occurs but only while using the nvidia shield tv. This is driving me nuts, I cannot seem to be able resolve this issue so I have given up. I will use my steam link for the time being while I think about what I will do with the router. I really think that you guys are doing an awesome job by innovating in this stale industry, and standing out from the same repetitive feature set we see from generation to generation with other vendors. But having something that only works sometimes, gives me too many headaches. Anyways, thank you for your time and patience with us the customers, I know it could get tiring from time to time.
  2. It definitely makes sense what you are saying, however I really don't wanna risk it but if it does gives us some light in order to fix this problem, I will go ahead and try it...
  3. Hello Guys; So I have tried what Fraser proposed but its still doing the same thing. I also replaced both Ethernet cables for both devices. I removed my PC from the Geo filter, and even re-installed graphics cards drivers. I'm hooking up my steam link in order to discard my shield tv as a suspect. Will update on my test results soon. If my steam link doesn't work either, then is definitely the router..
  4. Thanks for your prompt replies. I will try disabling QOS and will get back to you guys with some feedback. Killhipie I really dont think that my hardware is faulty because it worked correctly on .40 Could you try and replicate this on ur end..??
  5. Hello all; I'm currently an XR500 owner. Running the latest .56 firmware (A hard reset was performed when the latest firmware was flashed). I currently have both my PC and Nvidia Shield TV HARDWIRED directly to the router on port 1 & 2 respectively. Even thou both equipment are hardwired, I'm facing serious disconnects issue, to the point where the game stream is unplayable due to too many disconnects. I can understand that this might occur when using any of the equipment in WiFi-Mode but this is not the case here. For testing purposes, I hooked my old Asus RT-AC87 running the latest original firmware available and I was able to play flawlessly without any issues, including playing via WiFi. Because of this results, I have a hunch that the problem I'm facing with the XR500 might be because of an OS Bug. Now for the UPnP issue, I play a lot of Wareframe which uses ports UDP 4950 and UDP 4955 in order to have an open NAT. I can see the ports mentioned earlier in the UPnP table of the router but whenever I do a test from the inside menu of the game, it says that they are closed. I dont want to use port forward or put my PC in a DMZ because I play a lot of different games and I also work with a lot of different customers from all over the US (IT Consultant here), for that reason, network security is a big concern for me. This used to work flawlessly on the .40 firmware version of DumaOS. Can you guys check if you can replicate this behavior on ur labs?? Downgrading to .40 is not an option for me since .56 included a few security vulnerabilities fix and as I said earlier, security is a big concern for me. Any help will be appreciated..
  6. Thanks Fraser for replying... I will keep an eye on it then. But as I recall, I have never plugged in my PS4. Never the less I will monitor it and let you guys know if I see anything else...
  7. Will do and report back.. Thanks... Just another FYI; I'm also seeing something strange on the Device Manager Page. It shows offline devices with IP assigned. If I try to delete the entry from the device manager page, an error msg surfaces saying that the device cannot be deleted because its online (When its not). I also have seen 2 IPs assigned to the same device without the device being capable of such thing (my ps4 was listed with 2 IPs and its connected wireless on the 5ghz band only, no Ethernet cable attached). Sometimes the device that's on the offline side of the device manager page with an IP assigned to it, is listed as an "Unknown Device" and I don't know why because I have already previously identified all of my connected device.. Just wanted to point that out because it seems weird for me.. :S
  8. Hello; Thanks for replying... Answer to your questions are as follows; 1- Nope 2- A few momentarily 80-90% spikes that don't last 2 seconds mainly while I'm logging into it, then it settles at around 10-40%. 3- Its on my bedroom on top of my drawer at less than 75F with only my ISP modem by itside but not too close, one equipment on each side of the top of my drawer. 4- Anti buffer bloat mode "When High Priority Traffic Detected". QOS Sliders at 60% Down and 50% Up. (Total ISP Bandwidth is 150 Down and 15 UP) If you need anything else, please let me know...
  9. Hello Guys; Just wanted to inform the netduma support team of a very strange issue that I'm having with my XR500. I think that I might have isolated the issue but I'm not sure. My router has frozen 2 times in less than a week. Wired and wireless connection icons on my devices shows that they are connected but I cannot browse the web on any of them. I did a ping test from my PC (hardwired) to the router (when the problem occurred) and It just gave me a "Request Timed Out" msg, same thing happened using my iphone which was connected using the 5ghz band. Rebooting the router solves the problem but I don't think that behavior is normal. The only thing that I can remember is that my logged in session on the router expired before the problem started showing. I have two monitors and I keep a Chrome tab open on the router's Geo Filter Page whenever I game on my PC. So in short; whenever this strange behavior occurs, I am not able to ping the router ( or my modem ( which is in bridge mode and connected on the WAN interface of the XR500 from any device connected to the router (wired or wireless). I'm also not able to ping any intra-net device, PC to Phone or vice versa. Rebooting the router solves the problem. My theory is that the problem likely start occurring if my logged in session expires because of inactivity. Running latest FW. 2.3.40 Factory Reset performed After FW upgrade. PS: Happy New Year Guys!! Please keep innovating and moving consumer network tech forward as you are doing now..!!
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