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  1. "Enable blinking LED" has been enabled since day one. I'll keep tinkering with it, but I'll just leave it on the current firmware for now as everything else seems to be functioning correctly as far as I can tell.
  2. Sorry to bring this topic back up but I've been having the same issue. I was able to fix it by changing the "Router MAC Address" setting in internet setup from "Use Default Address" to "Use This MAC Address" instead. This field was already populated with the router's MAC address so all I did was switch to it. I'll keep you guys posted if it craps out again but it's working as it should for now.
  3. I think factory reset did the trick. Had to do it twice because of the "uncaught unmatched device" error after I loaded the backed up settings. What a pain in the you know what.
  4. It was working well prior to the latest firmware. Yeah I didn't have ping assist and I would still get the occasional lagger or two in Destiny2, but now it's completely broken. I set ping assist to zero, flushed the cloud, removed and added the device, set strict mode to "ON" and it continues to match me up with individuals with high ping way outside of the allowed radius. Not good.
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