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  1. i found out that my VPN(NordVPN) is blocking my access to my router whenever use their feature called "Invisibility on LAN", after turning it off my problems solve 😑
  2. 1. no i can't login using both routerlogin.net and 2. yes i can use my internet without problems
  3. yes i can only use my wifi right now, my motherboard is an Asus Crosshair VII hero (wifi) and it supports 802.11ac wifi
  4. 1. i use wifi 2. i tried all of it but its still not working in device manager it's not blocked, my schedule setting under content filtering is set to default which is everyday
  5. 1. no its the same ip adress 2. yes i already tried it but its still the same all drivers are up to date i can access it before using my laptop and my phone but now i can only use my phone because i sold my laptop
  6. After building a new pc when I tried to log in to routerlogin.net it says my internet access is blocked but if i use my phone i can. Do i need to change something here? im using xr500
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