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  1. I'm on pc. I tried the geo filtering but that didn't do anything. I'll try that the other stuff when I get the chance. Thanks Update: Tried that and it didn't work. I don't think it's the router or any settings on it that is causing this. If it were then exitlag would be affected too but it's not.
  2. Via the in game UI. It goes from 30% to 80% packet loss. I notice it when trying to play eg can't pick up items, shooting enemies won't register, general skipping in game. With exitlag and the settings of 1 tcp route and 0 udp route, in game UI says packet loss is 0% and the game is smooth and no skipping. Not sure how I can try different servers in Warzone. I haven't tried Anti-Bufferbloat, Traffic Prio. I haven't changed anything on the router, only using exitlag on windows.
  3. You're correct it still uses udp. Here's what I've found: With no exitlag -> packet loss With exitlag with 1 tcp and 1 udp routes -> packet loss With exitlag with 0 tcp and 1 udp routes -> packet loss With exitlag with 1 tcp and 0 udp routes -> no packet loss! Question is why when both udp and tcp with exitlag causes packet loss and not when only using tcp via exitlag? I'm just trying to figure out what is going on, if I need to involve my isp or not. Thanks
  4. Can you explain how it "reroute the TCP Pakets"?
  5. So I've been having massive issue with this lately. When I start a game I get massive packet loss making it unplayable. But it goes away to 0% packet loss when the player count drops to around 70 or less. My guess would be issues with the server, but I tried using a vpn to connect to US game servers and still have packet loss. Strange when you see popular twitch streamers in the US with 0% packet loss. Anyway I started using ExitLag. It allows you to set the number of tcp and udp routes to use. I found that if I set udp to use 0 and tcp to use 1 (effectively disabling udp) the game runs with no packet loss. Which you would expect as tcp does error checking/recovery of lost packets in exchange for higher latency. But I found my in game latency to be exactly the same. So it has effectively fixed my packet loss issue. My question is, is there a way to disable udp and only use tcp for this game the way exitlag does? Maybe on the router, firewall or other software (Netlimiter/glasswire)? I have a XR700. Thanks
  6. I have the exact same thing happening. Getting upward of 100-200% packet loss sometimes. Sits around 50-60% usually. Completely unplayable.
  7. I want to set a download/upload limit for a specific device. I tried the setting in qos, it can restrict it but it then sets limits for all devices if I uncheck share excess. I want to share excess for all other devices except one or two. Can this be done on the router? Thanks
  8. I play battlefield 5 on pc and the ping graph never shows anything for me. edit: I selected the battlefield profile in the geo filter and it now shows it. But I can't see how useful it would be with it saving the results. Also ping plotter is more useful as it shows each hop and dropped packets etc.
  9. I have the XR700, coming from a D'link cobra modem/router I can say that the netgear is miles ahead! It's like comparing windows 3.1 to windows 10. There are a few bugs for sure but I think with the netduma os and the raw power of the router there is heaps of potential. Lets just hope they continue development and support for this. Personally I'd love to different themes for the UI. The red is a bit much for my eyes. Something clean like the ubiquiti ui or the https://advancedtomato.com/ ui. Not sure how the R-apps work, but it would be cool for there to be an api for users to create custom apps for the router. Would love to see a ping plotter like feature to track your ping while playing a game.
  10. Just bought the new XR700 to replace an absolute crap d'link cobra. I've been playing battlefield 5 on pc and see a lot of rubber banding in game. So I turned on QoS and set my download and upload speed to 100mbps up and 40mbps down thinking that might help. It basically doesn't do anything. I even tried playing via a vpn thinking it might be a routing issue with my isp. Still same rubberbanding. When a second computer goes online and starts downloading, my ping in game starts to spike and goes from around 20-40ms to 100ms to 200ms. I thought QoS and the anti-bufferbloat was supposed to fix this? Does it not work? I also noticed the network monitor is reporting downloads as uploads! My firmware version is V1.0.1.2.
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